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H a p p y B i r t h d a y,
Engr. Ted Bascon!

Kunta maging malipayon I Pasko na ngan mainuswagon I Bahao Taon na si intero Abaknon si bug-os kalibutan.

Ms. Minda Caimol-Davis

One sweet lady I met during my recent US trip was Ms. Minda Caimol-Davis. She also resides in the Reno area and was actually able to join us one time for lunch. There we had fun engaging in nostalgia on Capul’s colorful past.

She’s been to so many places worldwide. One reason for this is her husband’s being the former President of Toastmasters International. But regardless of where she’d been, she says she still savors the good feeling of being in Capul.

That’s why she’s also coming back for next year’s town fiesta.

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These, I just have to post. Wala lang. :-)

Cholly "Taba" Castillo

Taba has been in Taipei for a considerable number of years now. And there’s no denying she’s enjoying life there.

She now speaks Mandarin like a native and her job has already brought her to other countries like Canada and the US. But like most Filipinos abroad, home for her is still Capul. That’s why she has made investments in some businesses that would tide her over when she returns.

Lorna Marzol-Romero

Here’s a pic of Ms. Lorna Marzol-Romero and her daughters Liezel and Yvonne. Her husband, Mike, took the shot, thus the absence.

And here’s their fabulous residence in Leemore, California.

Despedida: Reno

It was just like being in Capul. Pagkaribhong! Me despedida pa nung last night ko with them!And it was made more fun by the arrival of Myrna Cabacang and husband John Goss who drove all the way from Idaho (8 hours!).Of course, Bernard and Mila was there (teka, wala yata si Mila sa pics. hmm. me nalasing ba ng maaga? he he).And so was Mana Esther and hubby Richie, Mana Mina and daughter Jenalyn, and of course Potot. My! I really miss these guys. Sabagay, mga tibalik may to mayya patron. See you there guys!

Seeing San Francisco

It took a six-hour drive to get there , but it was all worth it.

San Francisco is breathtakingly beautiful!

more pics here. (Thanks to Bernard, Mila, Darby and Mana Esther)

The Abaknons of Nevada

When Judge Freddie Ampuan visited Reno early this year, Bernard Ortego invited me to pay them a visit one day. I never thought such could come true, or even yet, not this soon.

But I am with them now. I proceeded here from Las Vegas. Esther Castillo and her husband Richard, graciously fetched me from the airport and allowed me to stay in their house. I've been having a great time since then.

Nevada (and the nearby areas) is one area where many Abaknons reside. It's therefore possible to call them for a gathering at any one time without much hassle. Like what happened the night I arrived.

Bernard and wife Mila were there and so was Darby. Delia Pelito, (Potot, of course) also came in and was as vivacious as ever.

Mana Mina Cula and daughter, Jenalyn also went.
The night went fast. We were forced to rest when we realized it was six a.m. already.

We went out the next day and checked out downtown Reno. The days highlight? Playing at the casinos!

Just for fun of course. Darby won USD 17…

Universal Studios

more pictures here

Cheryl Cinco-Shamieh

Cheryl Cinco (dadi na Mana Nieva :-)), now married to Dr. Shamieh, sent me some pictures taken during her nth birthday celebration in whatever part of the world she is right now. He he. Sorry Cheryl. Gana may gayud surusurumaton na si mga e-mail mo. (but I can always edit this should you send more details)

Note: Here's part of the letter she just sent me: (matan ka correctionan, he he)Atiya kami a2 ag star Jubail city, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Village nag staran kmi (American Compound- gana bawal ato si salud c compound kami, niya 2 swimming pool (adults,children), reck(billiards, pingpong, mini library, receving sala), bofe restawrant, store,basketbol cort, tennis court, children's playground, & gym). Sa ruyagan ko ato c village kami kay matabbol trees.
dimuan pictures nagpabawa ko c kaaw puro nan a2 c ruma kami c village kmi.
gawas c compound kmi stricto na e mga danda ag ABAYA (black long dress code), mga boys any clothes.
Regards kas mno edie,ur batch,our relatives, frend…

First Stop: Chula Vista, CA

My gracious hosts for this leg of the tour were Mana Mely Flores-Carbajal and her husband Gerald. There were many fascinating things about their place, but I'd rather let the pictures do the talking.
One very memorable tour was the one we made at Old Town, San Diego. But then again, one thing I really want to do is to go back to the Navy Commisary so I could shop without taxes. Sayang talaga! He he. Day makwarta daw gayud.

The Eagle Has Landed, Bwe he he!

I arrived at LAX at about noon yesterday. Luckily, I got past immigration. They didn't mistake me for a terrorist. He he.

First impresssions? Well, from high up the LA sky, what first struck me was first world pollution. There was thick black cloud covering the bald landscape. It couldn't be simple fog.
I was expecting Los Angeles to be filled with skycrapers, but so far, what I've seen are relatively low-rise buildings. Well, I still have to go downtown, so I am reserving my final comments for now.
I tried posting pictures but server error kept pestering me. Paging Blogger!

CAIS In Our Minds

Here are some pictures that will remind all of us of the CAIS we all love. (Note: Im posting this while waiting for my flight to Los Angeles. Medyo kulang for now.)

For more pics, please click this.