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CAISAA Grand Alumni Homecoming 2011: Postscript

Administrator's Notes:

At the outset let me say: it was one of the most fun-filled homecomings I have attended (although I wasn't there in 2001, 2005 and 2008). I heard many others sharing the same opinion. Kudos therefore to those who exerted a lot of effort in organizing the event, particularly CAISAA  President Rommel Enecillo who personally devoted time and effort for the preparations.
Clearly however, it was not perfect. And since we will surely have more homecomings to come, it is just but right to evaluate the event and make adjustments wherever warranted. Let me share my two-cents worth:
I. Timing
Three days is clearly too long, if we consider that most of the alumni are working people. Scheduling it away from the Holy Week celebration is also ill-timed, as they will be torn between going home for the alumni event or the Holy Week.  Suggestion: Make the timing standard. Schedule it always on Easter Sunday and the Monday next. That will allow people to schedule their absenc…