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Abaknons in Saudi

It's true what they say: wherever you are in the world, you will always find a Filipino. But could it happen one day, that wherever you are, an Abaknon is just nearby? Why not? With the continuing migration of our kababayans, we could soon be dispersed to all corners of the globe. And what could be happier than finding your friends and former neighbors just within a call?

Such a situation now happens to these lucky guys who still get to meet each other while in Saudi Arabia:

Dr. Arnel Manaog, Paul Cinco and wife Chit, Ms. Celia Navera and husband Mel, and of course, Cheryl Cinco-Sham and husband Ghassan.

Basketball Crowd Pics

Aside from the excitement that the games provide, Abaknons flock to the basketball venue to have bonding moments with fellow Capulenos. The pictures here show just how fun it is for old friends to meet again, even if they would cheer for competing teams.

Photo Credits: Aldous

ASL Basketball Games Kick-Off

The race for the Abaknon Sports League basketball championship has begun.

Judge Freddie Ampuan and Tonet Galosmo toss the ceremonial ball.

Rajie Magloyuan leads the Oath of Sportsmanship.

The "handsome" referees. :-)

And now the participating teams:

Super Seniors: Acapulco

Capul, Inc. (Super Seniors)

EAB Builders (Super Seniors)

Land Warriors

Jubang Hornets


E Grupo Mo (EGM)

De Salvacion

Catch '08

(pics courtesy of Aldous)

Welcome to the World: Nino Josef O. Suan

Born November 9, 2008. Proud parents: Eric Suan and Joyce Ortego.

Nino for the child Jesus. Josef from where? Let me guess. Joyce Ortego Suan Eric Forever?

Now that's sweet. :-)

Oxford Ortego

Abaknons are a musically-inclined lot. Almost everyone from the island has a flair for music, that’s why every gathering is made more fun by everyone’s sharing of their individual masterpieces.But there are always those who stand out in the crowd, the first among equals. I maybe am making a presumption, but I think, one family that makes exceptional music is the Ortego clan, who has, as far as I know, lived and breathe music for most of their lives. Does “Maestro Maco Ortego” sound familiar? I’m sure his name does, as he is known not only among CapuleƱos but among mainlanders as well, being a respected music professor. And quite likely, the strong genes brought the same talent to his offsprings, and the Ortego descendants did similarly well in music, one of whom just got introduced to Bandilyo Abaknon recently.His name is Oxford "Otoy" Ortego and he now plays with a band at the Las Vegas strip. He’s been there for years, having played at major entertainment hubs like the Sun…

Memories of San Francisco

A visit to the US West Coast is but half-complete if the City by the Bay, San Francisco, is missed. For it indeed is a beautiful and iconic place, where leaving one's heart as the song goes, can truly happen. Think of the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, the Piers and all the other captivating sights to behold - and you'll see what I mean.

Above are pics of Abaknons who have set foot on the place recently. The common denominator obviously are Bernard and Mila, who would tirelessly bring guests to SanFo despite a long drive. I'm sure these trips were likewise capped with the a feast of Pinoy food in Daly City (oh my, has it really been a year ago when I was there too?)

Edwin's "21st" Birthday!


Kalag-Kalag Festival: "The Others"

Note: Halloween started as a celebration of "All Hallows' Eve" on the occasion of All Saints' Day. From what was supposed to be a holy night, succeeding generations made the night a venue for the observance of the scary and the grotesque, on account of All Souls' Day (the day next). Halloween therefore, as we know it today, is a product of many changes and adaptations. That in Capul, and actually, in many other parts of the globe, it has become a moment for the display of costumes, of whatever form, is arguably a laudable effort, if only for the fact that it did bring out fun to many of our kababayans. Congratulations to the organizers for the successful event!