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Jacklyn Manaog-So

Here's another Abaknon who's making all of us proud.

Ms. Jacklyn Manaog-So, daughter of Engr. William So and the now very visible media spokesperson, Ms. Ophelia Manaog, graduated Cum Laude from the University of the Philippines - Manila. She finished Bachelor of Science in Public Health.

Young at 21, she's now in the thick of the review for the Med Tech Board Exams and she plans to later enroll at the University of Santo Tomas for subsequent medical studies.

Beauty and brains. That type doesn't come easy these days. And to top that, she sings too! Can anyone beat that?

Ms. Minda Calipay in Hawaii

Her roots come from the union of our island-neighbor, San Vicente and Capul. For the benefit of the younger generation, her father was once the principal of Capul Central, and most of those who were under his tutelage would swear to his being a well-loved educator and school manager.

Ms. Minda is a registered nurse and the eldest in the brood. She is in constant communication with the other Abaknons in the US, thus, wherever she goes and there are Abaknons, meetings are always inevitable.

Here are pics taken during her recent trip to Hawaii where she met with Ms. Eurie.

Happy Fiesta, Brgy. San Luis!

The last barrio fiesta I've been to was that of Brgy. San Luis. That was at the time when my beach hut in Sitio Malpal was quite new. Actually, I was in Malpal most of the time then. Since the temperature gets so hot at this time of the year, many fiesta-goers sought wind from the open spaces there. And I do remember we had fun.

Now, I can imagine people already trooping to San Luis. And tonight, "tuda na i saradsad".

I just hope the celebration will pass happily and peacefully. Do enjoy folks!

Si Kaam Nga Tinikangan Na Si Kinabuhi Kami

Si mahaya sakripisyo...

Si mahalap pagpahaya...

Si permanente pag-ataman ...

Si malalum paghigugma...


UST Singers US Tour

The UST Singers, where our very own Jeanra Sauro Bometivo is a member, will have their US Tour beginning this month.

Below is a schedule of their concerts and hopefully, Abaknons near the areas of their performances will find way to watch them. Numbers of some contact persons are included so they may be called for information.

May 7-13 = Honolulu, Hawaii May 13-20 = Rancho Cucamonga, California-- Judy and Irving Abas Tel # 9098032815 May 20-25 = Las Vegas, Nevada May 25 - June 2 = Portland, Oregon-- Vivian and Eric Tadeo (360 5746275 June 2-9 = Seattle, Washington---Mrs. Florrie Montate 206 5278605 June 9-13 = Virginia Beach, Virginia (Dr. Manny and Rose Hipol 757 4602726 June 13-18 = New York -- Dr. Alexander Drilon 646 2480831 June 18-25 = Los Angeles, California -- Allan Sims 213 3216645 June 25-29 = California International Choral Festival and Competiton 2009 San Luis Obispo

The last one is the group's main event as this is where they will compete with the world's best.

Let's …