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Nida Castillo-Halpin

She hails from Aguin (daughter of Rexes and Paring Castillo), but she’s been in the US for the past 8 years. She hasn’t gone back home since she left and she admits to missing the island so much. Maybe next year, some time April, she and her family will be visiting Capul.

She is married to the handsome (:-)) George Halpin. They are now based in Las Vegas with their beautiful Germie and very cute William David.

(with friends Bernard and Mila)


Here's another post in YouTube by saiaopinoi. Since many of the Abaknons are going back home for the fiesta, I guess it would be worthwhile to have some practice. For sure, no one will be able to escape the KURATSA.I manayaw inanto iya si : ______________. Hala! Tuda sayaw! :-)

La Estudiantina Capulena

This, fellow Capulenos is something we should be truly proud of. The dance we have always claimed to be our very own, was featured in a Dance Symposium, and is now being shown in youtube.

The caption reads:“This is one of the three available versions of Philippine Estudiantina dances, popular in its broken Spanish name, "Estudiantina de Capuleño". The proper term should have been "La Estudiantina Capuleña". This dance is simply called Estudiantina in the other towns in Samar where it is also popular.

The dance could have derived its name from "estudiantina" which is the all-string band that plays the dance music in the many 'baylihan' during the Spanish colonial period. The estudiantina is more popular as the 'rondalla'. It is also called 'tuna' and 'murga'. In fact, in the present day Spanish world, the term used is either tuna or estudiantina.

This dance is usually performed during occasions like baptismal and birthday parti…

Abaknon Bloggers

I'm happy to note that some Abaknons are now into blogging too. I have added their links in the sidebar so you may visit them. I hope many others will follow suit, and will use the internet not just to express themselves but to promote our place and culture as well!

Gambatte! :-)

Happy Birthday, Mico!

Indulge me folks for being a doting uncle. But I really just have to greet my cute and makulit umangkon, Mico, on his third birthday tomorrow, June 17. He is Mano Owen's son. With him in the picture is Bea, Louie's daughter.
(Note: If you have people to greet, just give the names and the pictures.):-)

Fiscal Gorgonia Pineda-Encina

Atty. Gorgonia Pineda-Encina has just been designated as Prosecutor for Ormoc City. She took her oath of office last June 10 with Justice Secretary Raul Gonzales.

Gonyang, as she is known to friends and relatives, took her law studies at the Dr. Vicente Romualdez Educational Foundation in Tacloban City. She passed during the 2002 bar examinations. She recently worked at the Public Attorneys Office in Quezon City.

Fiscal Encina is the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Honorio Pineda and is a graduate of CAIS, Batch 1990.

Congratulations, Fiscal Encina! Capul is very proud of you!

John Goss/Myrna Cabacang

John Goss, Myrna Cabacang’s husband, will be joining Mana Ester’s group going home by July for the town fiesta. John is excited to visit Capul, having heard a lot of beautiful accounts from his Abaknon friends.

John is one funny guy and the Capulenos will surely not find it difficult to like him. He sings well too, so he’s definitely not running away from any karaoke challenge.

He is just a “poor American” by his own admission, so he assures us that there is no danger of him exploiting Capul (he he he).

Here is John....
.. and when you see him (drunk or sober, he he) in July, do give him a wave or smile. Or better yet, a glass of tuba or ginebra.
And here are other pics of Ms. Myrna Cabacang-Goss.