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Patron Marikina

Like it were an extension of Capul, our kababayans in Marikina have always celebrated the last Sunday of April as their fiesta. And when I say fiesta, it means that kind that we celebrate in the provinces - endless booze, unlimited food and lots of fun. I went to Mana Edna Timogtimog's residence quite late. When I arrived, the singing was in full swing. Jay Luñiza was strumming the guitar like crazy and Ramil Dugan was leading the chorus of all those in the circle of drinkers who seem to know all the lyrics. Visitors came and went. To think that it was night time already. I can only imagine how things went earlier in the day. Here are some of the pictures I snapped.

Jenalyn Magloyuan

From Belgium, here's a note from Jenalyn:Greetings!

Happy gad gayod ako dikaw si website mo mano.The pictures you posted alipay may gayod ako kay sakulawan ko guihapon mga kakurumpanyahan ko he he he.Pagkamingaw ato. Pinas pa rin ako titira.Even my food pagkaing Pilipino pa rin. Sa miss ko na gayod di kaw e Capul. I"m almost 3 years na here in Belgium. Baka next year July magbabakasyon ako. Mamatron kita dikaw, ag-anda ta may guihapon e karibbongan.Thru your website mano extend my regards si kas Chares and her family most especially to your family siyempre. Kas Louie and Eden. Buti pa sila may anak na. Si dimuan Abaknon, my warments regards.



Our Beloved Capul

Los Capuleños:These were pictures I took during my latest visit to our hometown. Most were captured when we had the visita iglesia around the entire island.My apologies if there are only a few. I was just using my phone camera. No budget for a digital camera yet. Donations are however welcome. :-)Now let's have a guessing game again. Can you identify all the places featured here? Sige nga, dare.Si Michelle Hilario-Jao ang bahala sa prize.

Off and Running!

The election fever has started to grip Capul. If you want to know who the candidates are, below is the list:

For Mayor:
Ian Castillo
Atty. Ignacio Bandal

For Vice Mayor:
Ignacio Cascaño
Jeffrey Suan

For Councilors:
Ben Pernito
Marlon Mente
Amos Esquillo
Igning Magloyuan
Titit Castillo
Dick Pelito
Momeng Ortego
Rene Pasco

Frank Guardiano
Jojo Pelito
Letlet Catucod
Ferdinand Magdaraog
Dondon Tan
Milagros Manaog
Honorio Pineda
Roming Ombrog

Batch '86 Having Fun

My high school batchmates just wouldn't let me off the hook easily - they needed a blow-out that Saturday, April 7, and at no other time!I've already had one drink too many since early morning that day, and I was already dead drunk by noon time. The rest of the afternoon I spent sleeping in Malpal where my family and friends were also having some siesta.But the text messages kept pouring. "The entire batch is waiting for you! Where are you?"No choice. I had to go find them and start another round of drinking and sheer fun. Fortunately, we were not disturbing the town. But the ghosts, yes! The videoke where we booked ourselves was just beside the cemetery.If the pictures are blurred, you know the reason. The cameraman - me, is drunk. But then again, maybe it would be fun to do a guessing game. For those familiar with my classmates, just find out who they are in the hazy photos. :-)

Via Crucis in Capul

This was early morning of Holy Saturday. As per tradition, the people of Capul flock to the St. Ignatius' Church and from there kick off a procession around the poblacion. The stations of the cross are distributed in various corners of the town proper and in front of makeshift altars, the religious throng stops and prays.Unlike previous years where the last station is the church itself, this time it was placed atop the hill overlooking the town, a place called "radyohan" among the locals. The wooden cross which was carried by the designated "apostoles" during the entire round stays there permanently until the next Holy Week.

Greetings from Heli Jao

Here's what Heli wrote me:"Hi no Reo.Kumusta na kaw? I would like to share these pictures taken during the concert of Sarah Geronimo last March 4,2007 here in Edmonton. I was her personal bodyguard too.Ako permi ato nagparaala bodyguard kon niya mga artista tikang Pilipinas. On March 30 padaito kas Pops Fernandez and Kuh Ledesma ako namay nagala bodyguard na mga iya. I'll send you some pix.Kumusta na hamok si dimuan pati si pamilya bi. Agkaralipay gad kami ato kay akaisip kaw sito paganna website para si mga abaknon. Mahaya salamat si kaaw. God Bless YOU. "Thank you very much Heli. I'm happy that this site is getting the attention of Capuleños from all over. Please help me spread the word so that more will send their pics and messages.I hope you're all okay there. How I wish I'd have the time and resources to visit you one of these days. :-)