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Honoring St. Ignatius of Loyola

As we, Abaknons, celebrate our fiesta, let us not forget that amidst all the fun, the day is still in honor of our patron saint, St. Ignatius of Loyola.
Myth has it that during the time of the Moro invasions on Capul (our town was then the center of Christianity in Samar) it was Senor San Ignacio himself who defended the townfolks from the pillage. This may not seem far from the truth, as he was a soldier during his youth. But more than that, he did not only became a defender of his country, but more so his Faith.
As the founder of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits), he spent much of his life "teaching catechism to children, directing adults in the Spiritual Exercises, and working among the poor and in hospitals". As his children, we are thus expected to share his devotion to God and Country and during his feast day, the least we could do is emulate his example of sharing not just resources but the belief in the Supreme Creator.
Happy Fiesta Everyone! Viva Senor San Ignacio!

A Day To Remember

We have always known that the liberation of the Philippines from Japanese occupation started on October 20, 1944 – an event that continues to be honored and celebrated with much fanfare to date. Better known as the Leyte Landing, this episode in Philippine history is said to be in fulfillment of Gen. Douglas MacArthur’s famous promise, “I shall return”.

But we have not been told, at least officially, that Capul and the Capulenos played a strategic part of the battles that ensued - to liberate the rest of the country, particularly Manila. At that time, Japanese soldiers were already stationed in our island, and part of the clearing operations was to liberate Capul so that warships from the Pacific can enter Philippine territory through the San Bernardino Strait.

In a compilation done by Mary H. Williams of the Office of the Chief of Military History, Department of the Army, Washington D.C. in 1960, these were the events of February 19, 1945:

LUZON - In U.S. Sixth Army's XIV Corps area…

Saad Si Kalipayan Ko

Amalako ako si pagsabot mo
Kun palangngan ako dahulo
Pagawas ngan patala si kaaw
Kay anganda panginabuhi.

Pero i kapuso ko anbilin saad
Nga kun singnga may ako apadpad
Pabwelta ako anakka i allaw
Kay si kaaw i kalipay ko.

Kunta sapasaylo mo ako
Kun minadagmitay kun kapasyada
Kun danay anirip na hamok
Kay niya lain kasibutan

Pero i saad ambanan ko
Bisan mangisog pa i kalawot
Anbalatas ako, manakay pa rambuwan
Kay balik ko kaw, kalipayan ko.

    - Taga Malpal

Three Outstanding Young Abaknon Women

These three ladies epitomize the ideals of the women of today - youthful, determined, passionate. That they are Abaknons make us doubly proud - and hopeful, that the generations next will be inspired to achieve just as far as they've reached.
Maribelle Flores is blessed not just with effervescent beauty but with the intellect that crowns it and a strong faith that perfects it.  Now based in Jakarta as a kindergarten teacher in one of Indonesia's premier international schools, she remains passionate in a job that requires more than just patience and devotion. Now on vacation, she is touring Western Asia and Europe, starting off with a dream pilgrimage to the holy sites of Israel.
Glee Cula-Eades had a flourishing media career laid out for her, starting off as a radio personality in Tacloban City (the first Capulena to be so). But love swept her and brought her to far away but fascinating Europe. Now working for a bank in London, she treads an unfamiliar but challenging path - a …