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Lorna Magloyuan

Lorna arrived in Japan some time in the late 90’s, and has been here since.

She now lives in Sakura, Chiba – just a few blocks away from Ms. Baby Tanabe’s house.

Lorna is from Sawang and is a member of CAIS Batch ’86.

Capul YFC Sings "Yes Lord!"

To give us a breather from our heated on-going discussion, I'm posting this clip from You Tube. Kun say may to dina tawa, pasensya na kay gae na ako kasarit.


With handy digital cameras now becoming commonplace, people just found reason to exercise their artistic bent.

And what better subject could there be for photography than our beautiful home land? Here are some pics taken by Suzette M.

Capul From Non-Natives' Eyes

Two of my recent site visitors were two foreigner guests of Capul.

Apparently, they have had good impressions on the island and they are promoting it to prospective investors.

They created sites, featuring Samar, and had specific pages for Capul. They are as follows:

Steve Rice

Chris Bech (Note: The pic above is from Mr. Bech's site) I have things on my mind, pero kaam dulo bahala mag-comment.

"Bagong Tubo"

I took these pictures the last time I was in Capul.

Two generations of the new Abaknons.
And just like many others who are out of the island most of the time, I also lament the fact that I don’t know a lot of these young people. I hope one day I’ll get a chance to get to know more of them, so that in the end, we will all be able to work hand-in-hand for the benefit of Capul, which is theirs to manage and treasure in the future.

Sad News

Just heard that Mrs. Narlita Navera-Castillo died. Details are still sketchy. Some say food poisoning. Some say stroke. Say your prayers for her. Update: I just received a text message today from Jake (Mana Narlita's son) confirming that the cause of her death was food poisoning. She apparently took a juice drink that has already expired.

Mark Louis Manaog

Mark Manaog (son of Rey and Maridel) now works as a finance accountant in Tripoli, Libya. He’s a member of CAIS Batch ’99.