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Capul Church Now A National Treasure

August 5, 2011. After quite a long wait, Capul's centuries-old church has finally received the recognition and honor it truly deserves. It is now placed as among the country's historical and cultural treasures - a jewel that has to be preserved as a legacy to future generations. It also formalizes our claim that indeed, Capul is one of the country's older and history-rich communities in the Philippines.
It is hoped that with this designation, it will generate more support from the government and all other sources for its upkeep. And for the Capulenos, this will have to inspire us to invite more visitors to the island, so that they may see this quaint and unassuming beauty that has long mesmerized us.

Kudos to all those who worked hard for the realization of this dream.

Photos from Mr. Jed Tan Saluib