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Family Reunion

Here's another family reunion held at the Kowloon House in Quezon City last December 27.

Photos sent by Gregory Bejar.

Greetings from the Romeros

Let me just catch up on my blog postings. Many greetings were sent to me last Christmas but since I was in Capul enjoying my time, and of course, the internet connection was not as efficient, I was not able to attend to my Bandilyo chores.

Here's one from the Mr. & Mrs. Mike Romero (nee Lorna Marzol) and their daughters, plus a pic of their house adorned with christmas lights.

St. Ignatius' Free Medicine For The Poor! (edited)

The Parish Pastoral Council of St. Ignatius of Loyola Parish, Capul, N. Samar has allotted a portion of its fund for free medicines for the less fortunate brothers and sisters in the Parish. Although this is very limited, many of the poor are already benefiting from this program. May we ask all you who are willing to support this to send your donations to the parish account in DBP ---

Capul Parish Pastoral Council

And/or please contact Fr. Anelito G. Cesista (Parish Priest)

Bulung-na si San Ignacio Para si Mga Anggana!

I parish pastoral council si parukya-na si san Ignacio de Loyola, Capul, N. Samar, ag'aradda pag'ala diki'it kantidad tikang si pundu-na mga iya para pammalli mga bulung si mga gana' gayod pangngaya-na pagballi nga mga kabugtu'an-ta si pagtu'o sallod si parukya. Bisan kon bali to kadiki'it, malabbat na mga a'a i magpakaprubitsar na dina sito pruyikto.Agpalako kunta kami' si mga a'a nga intrisado pagbul…

Valentine's Day Party

The Capul Pink Organization, headed by Mr. Mansueto Cabacang and Mr. Edwin Montopar, wishes to invite everyone to join the Valentine's Day Party in Marikina on February 13. See the featured posters for details.

Al Manalo & Jay Blasquillo

These two guys, or "hunks" as the sender of this pic described them (he he), tour the world for free - as seafarers, of course. They are now on board the M/T Arctic and this phot0 was taken when they were docked in France.

Al is an officer of the ship as 2nd Mate while Jay is an AB.

Al is the son of Mr. & Mrs. Andong Manalo (wife: Tersing) while Jay's parents are Mr. & Mrs. Rustico "Tikoy" Blasquillo (wife: Mercy).

Catch 08 vs EGM

This may come a little late but allow me feature just the same the photos I took during the semi-final game between Catch 08 and EGM.

Catch 08 eventually became the champions in this season's Abaknon Sports League tourney.

New Year Party in Tangnga

For the past five New Year's Eves, the residents of the Tangnga area at the Capul Poblacion consistently held street parties, as a display of their camaraderie and friendship.

This year was no exception. In fact, it turned out, as most of the regular participants said, to be the liveliest and rowdiest ever. Needless to say, the entire neighborhood and their guests had a great time. See these pics as proof.