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Bandilyo: Palista

Si intero Abaknon anan Marikina, alayon pag palista si pamilya bi ari si Engr. Rogelio "Big Boy" Magdaraog. His contact number is 0919-5993470.

Kinahanglan to basi apa plastar i pagbuwan bulig. Please note nga i pagbuwan - per pamilya or household, main per person.

Si mga makabasa sito, alayun pagpasamwak.

Relief Efforts: Initial Plans

The group of Judge Freddie Ampuan and Diony Ortego (Capul Sunday Club) is now mobilizing relief efforts for Abaknons ravaged by Typhoon Ondoy.

The initial plan is to do it on Saturday, October 3. This will give us some time to collect donations and prepare a list of those we intend to help.

Please give us the names of the people you know who were damaged by the floods.

We appeal to all Abaknons for help. Those intending to give cash who have funds in Capul, please give it to Louie Andarino. Please ask for an acknowledgment receipt. The names of donors will be posted here so they will know if the funds have been received.

For those who will hand-in cash in Manila, please coordinate with Mr. Diony Ortego at 0920-904-0832.

For those intending to remit from abroad or other areas in the Philippines - please take note of the following bank details:

Reo S. Andarino
a/c No. 0057-0158-02
Landbank-Buendia Branch

Please keep your receipts and e-mail for confi…

A Call For Help

(pic from yahoo)

By this time, we have already received notice about the great damage Typhoon Ondoy has brought to Metro Manila and its nearby provinces.

Among those badly hit were our fellow Abaknons, particularly those residing in Marikina and Rizal.

May I thus sound-off this call - so that efforts to help them can be initiated.

I am calling on the municipal officials and other leaders of Capul to organize a move to extend any possible effort to alleviate the sufferings of our brethren.

Please tell us how we can be of help.

For those who were spared the wrath of the deluge and those living abroad, please prepare for your possible aid.

Thank you.

Ortego-Bandal Clan Reunion

The very next day after the fiesta, there's normally no taking rest for these folks, as they still need to flock to Danao for the annual reunion for the members of the Ortego-Bandal clan. This has been going-on for years and basing from how things went this year, there surely will be more of these in the years to come.

(Fr. Aniceto Sesista officiating the thanksgiving mass)

(The hermanos and hermanas for this year)

(Ex-Cong. Wilmar Lucero who donated P 100,000.00 cash and
another P300,000.00 pledge for the construction of a covered court)

(displayed on the stage was this picture of the forebears of the clan
who were mostly members of the Islander Band)

To sum it up, it indeed was one fun day.

Lamiraw organizes ALAG


CPAG Interprets "Ibong Pipit"

Here's another dance interpretation from the CAIS Performing Arts Guild (CPAG). It showcases birdlike gestures and movements as they dance to the OPM classic "Ibong Pipit".

Birthday in Vegas

Prince Julius (PJ) Cabigon celebrated his ?th birthday last Saturday in their home in Las Vegas. Peejay is the son of Ms. Nieva Tan-Cabigon. Among the guests were Ms. Nida Castillo-Halpin and daughter Germie. Darby Ortego was also there on an extended vacation.

Cheers to more exciting years ahead, PJ!

P.S. Good luck to Darby Ortego who will soon be embarking on a new challenge.

Prominent Abaknons Dance the "Dos Amigos"

One of the highlights of the vesper night celebration (until heavy rains spoiled the fun) was the Dos Amigos dance performed by select Abaknons. With only a few hours for practice, the group managed to display the grace and charm of the Capuleno as dancers.

Leading the pack was the Hermana Mayor, Ms. Eugenia Cabacang (partnered by Mr. Rommel Guardiano). Also in the line-up were Vice-Governor Boy and Dra. Myrna Lucero, Engr, Ted and Mrs. Dolor Bascon, Mayor Ignacio and Mrs. Aleli Cascano.

Also with them were Ms. Forlu Bejar with Mr. Eddie Manaog as partner, Mr. Elon Pasco and Mrs. Lelita Acorceles, Dr. Lapulapu & Mrs. Met Ortego, Ms. Anabel Cabacang and Jonathan Castillo.

The Prayer: Marlo & Jeanra

Jeanra Sings "Ikaw Lang Ang Mamahalin"

Jeanra Bometivo, one of the best singers Capul has produced, here sings a soulful rendition of the melancholic OPM, Ikaw Lang Ang Mamahalin.

More Random Pics


Notice: New Chatbox

It was nice when we had a chatbox here. Too bad it became the venue for malicious posts. I had no choice but to delete it.

Fortunately, I have found a paid provider of a chatbox which has more security. It requires users to be registered and it has the ability to ban abusive users.

You may also check who are online.

I invite everyone to join. Paribhong ta gyapon i baragaw ato.

Mahaya salamat.


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More Ramdom Pics


Fr. Cecil Lucero, RIP

From the Administrator:

He admittedly, was not the epitome of piety and serenity, as priests are expected to be. True enough, many of us became his adversaries, opponents as we were of his many un-endearing ways.

But no matter what his flaws were, there still is no justification to murder most foul. Nothing righteous can ever be gained from a death so brutal, so inhuman.


I was scheduled to post today the pictures of the Bandal-Ortego reunion after the fiesta. But in deference to the same clan who now mourns the death of a member-son, I will postpone said posting to some other time.

But I am taking liberty to post this pic of Fr. Lucero that very day. He was then very jolly, ecstatic that many of his family was in the gathering. I guess this should be the best image for us to remember him by.

That very same day, he rode a helicopter with his brother and mother to San Roque. We met him there by night time at Ex-Congressman Wilmar Lucero's resthouse. He acted as a very graciou…

Parade Pics: Mixed Shots


Parade Pics: The Rhythm Makers