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Si intero mga minayoyo ta kam nga paamban na si kalibutan....


Makuri pa awara i kapaddi
Bisan i panahon tuda pa alahi
Gae hintak apara i kasakit
Tungod matala na kaw si kami.

Atiya, agtiripon ... ag-intom
Antan i kamatuuran malalum
Anakka i panahon, si lain higayon
Agbaragat kitam gihapon.

Intumon kami nga atiya pa
Aglalangngan si lalan-kinabuhi
Buligin kami nga gae apondo
Si byahe kaaw may lugod magdahulo.


Kay Mamingaw Na I Kalibutan

Kay day medyo ag mingaw na may i kalibutan, ag kurukalipay na may dulo kita.

Si mga tibalik si sem break pati si Undas, ag enjoya kam aro. Ngan alayun pag pabawa litrato si mga karibhungan bi.

Young Capuleno Scouts Shine In Provincial Meet

Capul's contingent to the 7th Provincial Stars, Cubs, Junior & Senior Scouts Encampment proved once again that the islanders are no pushovers when competing against the best in the province. Held from October 17 to 19 at the Cawayan Integrated School and UEP's Scout City, the following were their achievements:

In the search for Most Popular Boy & Girl Scouts, two Capulenos took home the respective crowns - Rica Ela Penaranda Ramosa (daughter of Ilyn Penaranda and Ricky Ramosa) and Mark Deene Guardiano (son of Glen Guardiano).

The Cub Scouts won 1st place in the Song, Yell and Stunt competition while the Junior Scouts-Boys also placed first in the Modern Dance tilt.

The Star Scouts landed 2nd in the in the GS Quiz Bee and the Junior Girls likewise took 2nd place in the Quiz Bee.

Mrs. Anecita Marzol was crowned 2nd Most Popular Tita.

During the entire jamboree, these kids were ably supported and guided by the following:

Kawan Leaders - Luela Magdaraog and Ignacia Ablig.

Star T…

Updates on the Relief Efforts

After the second distribution, a total of P143,000.00 has been given as cash donations to 286 family-beneficiaries.

Php 9,000.00 was spent for the feeding project and Php 5,000.00 for the medical supplies.

We received an additional donation of USD 200.00 from Ms. Julita Mahinay McCutcheon (c/o Mylen). This was on top of the funds coursed thru Judge Freddie Ampuan (Php 3,000.00 from his own pocket and Php 5,000.00 from Sonny "Boy" Cunanan).

We still have to finalize the plans to help Abaknons who were similarly affected in the Rizal area. And since there are reports that some of our town-mates are now ill with leptospirosis, we will as well allocate some funds to help.

Feeding Project: Marikina

Part of the donations received by this site was used to feed the hungry children of fellow Abaknons in Marikina. This being the first (more of a trial actually), we started only with modest porridge. Hopefully, better food will be served in the future.

The slideshow below documents the smiles of the beneficiaries and the happiness of those who shared time and effort to make the activity a success.

Again, mahaya salamat si mga donors!

And big thanks to the volunteers, specifically the following:

Mansuette Cabacang, Boy Cabacang, Edwin Montopar, Levi Cajandab, Joel Sauro, Alex Castillo, Fernando Pasco, Dolor Castillo, Jane Pernito, Ann-ann Castillo, Jed Saluib, Janjan Alig and Rowena Cabacang. Sa uulitin!

Mahaya Salamat si Kaam Dimuan

Php 203,700.00

With all pledges in, that's this site's total collection so far. Below is the updated list of donors:

1. Engr. & Mrs. Ted Bascon & Family - Php 30,400.00
2. Renn Family - Php 15,000.00
3. Peter Wagner & Friends - Php 15,000.00
4. Lady Anonymous - Php 14,000.00
5. Ms. Baby Tanabe - Php 10,400.00
6. Charlyn Masucol-Sylte - Php 10,000.00
7. M/B Cyrus Ryan - Php 10,000.00
8. Delia Magdaraog - Php 10,000.00
9. Steve Magdaraog + anonymous 2 - Php 8,200.00
10. Ms. EAO - Php 6,900.00
11. Lorna Magloyuan - Php 5,200.00
12. Zhyrer Ruiz-Nishizawa - Php 5,200.00
13. TF Photographers - Php 5,000.00
14. Arisa Tsugami …

Beneficiary List

Below is the list of those who received cash from your donations. You may notice that some actually have not received their share. That's why we continue to ask for generous contributions.

Just click the image to enlarge.

Where Your Donations Went

To all the generous donors that we have so far acknowledged (both for financial and material gifts to the flood victims), the pictures here show where your donations went.

For the cash donors thru this site, aside from the Php 5,000.00 we gave to the Capul Medical Team for medicines, we distributed the money likewise in cash - recognizing that each family has specific needs and they are in a better position to decide which items to buy. As of last night, 227 families were the beneficiaries of Php 500.00 each (Php 113,500.00 in sum). Do note that what we have given them is bigger than the regular relief bag that they receive, which normally contains two kilos of rice plus a few canned goods and used apparel.

There are however a lot more who have yet to partake of the assistance that we provide (at least 300 families were listed). That's why we continue appealing for your support. We assure you that your charity will go a long way in alleviating the pains that our kababayans endur…

More Help Please!

As of this writing, our Manila counterparts are re-packing and distributing relief goods and food items to our brother Capulenos. Many thanks to the generous donors, among which were:

1. Mr. & Mrs. Benedict Leong (Josephine Magdaraog)
2. Mrs. Lourdes Tsumura
3. Judge & Mrs. Freddie Ampuan
4. Mr. & Mrs. Diony Ortego

Our heartfelt gratitude also goes to Mr. Bigboy Magdaraog, who now acts as the coordinator for the aid efforts in Marikina. Also to the other members of the Sunday Club and the other kind-hearted souls who have extended material and physical support.

But still, the need for assistance is high - per the current list, about 300 families need any form of support.

May we therefore call on our kababayans to please send-in your donations. Particularly, we wish to seek the assistance of those from the US, Canada & Europe - we know we can get more from your end. Alayon namok pagkulaw si remittance details ato hawod.

And for other Bandilyo readers in the Philippines, pleas…

Goods & Used Clothing Donations

Those intending to donate ready-to-cook food, household items or used clothing, kindly coordinate with Bernard Castillo in Proj. 4, Quezon City thru tel. numbers 709-2355 or 0928-460987.

We need to unify our efforts basi gae agsa adda-adda padairay (so individual donors will not go by themselves to Marikina).

Again, we call on all Abaknons to join the effort. Can we hear from those residing in Divisoria, Cavite and other parts of NCR who were not severely devastated?

Mahaya gayud salamat.