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New Venue for the Dance Party

Instead of theMarikina Youth Camp, the "pasayaw" will now be at the Kapitan Moy Function Hall.

Below is the map for your guidance.

Note: According to the organizers, the dance party is open to everyone. So do invite your non-Abaknon friends so they may have a taste of the kind of fun we usually have.

Scary, Scary Night!

It's semestral break for students now so expect a lot of happenings from the ranks of the youth and young-at-heart.

Come October 31, a costume party will be held in Capul, with the United Artists of Capul (UAC) on the lead. I understand this has been a regular Halloween event for the past few years (although I remember having one with the ACapulKo Youth some years back).

The following are the current set of UAC Officers:

President: Paul Magdaraog Internal V-Pres: Charlie Catucod External V-Pres: Roberto "Baying" Bayabay Secretary: Amos "Mimong" Ortego Treasurer: Carla Marzol P.I.O.'s: Jeremy Catucod; Alexander Reyes Jr. Auditor: Jed Saluib Business Managers: Ivy Ombrog; Joseph Saluib Peace Officers: Marlyn Castillo; Malou Sauro

Good luc…

Twin Notices: Basketball and Sarayaw

Nagpasabot i dimuan nga niya pa-basketball na si Abaknon Sports League ari Marikina.

This is one activity that Abaknons should support. Based on previous experiences, the basketball games have always been a venue for bonding and friendly competition among CapuleƱos.

And speaking of bonding, what better way is there to meet old friends and discover new ones but through "sarayaw"?

That you will have on November 8 where the games will be launched. So make sure you go there! Please inform all others to join the fun.

For other details on these activities, please look for the organizers: Marcelo Cascayan, Alvin Alvarez, Tonet Galosmo, Marichu Catucod, Genaro Magdaraog and Aldous Canapi.

Erratum: Contrary to the earlier notice here posted, the opening games will be on Sunday, November 9.

Ms. Eurie Ampuan-ODonnell

It must have been a while since she last visited Capul and like all others now based abroad, she does miss the place a lot. Visiting this site somehow soothes the longing as she gets updated on the goings-on in our place.

In a letter she said, "Once again,I visited bandilyo and looking at the pictures I can't help but stop and think awhile; and ask myself,,,,. Am I this old? Oh! boy, time flies. I don't even recognize those faces I'm staring at, only of those I know personally. Take Care and God Bless! I saw ur mom' s pictures she still looks great. but it just reminds me of Nanay too." (On a personal note, our parents were very close friends and as kids, we looked up to Eurie and Sally (Calamay) as the ideals - intelligent and good-lookers.)

I didn't get much details on her whereabouts except that she now resides in Hawaii with her family. The pics here were taken during a Wowowee visit in the island and during a wedding where she stood as ninang. The tw…

Ms. Camille Castillo/Miko Tan

Got this from my mail: pics of Ms. Camille Cula Castillo during the CAIS Ms. Intrams pageant. Also shown here is Mr. Miko Tan, who got the Mr. Intrams plum.

For a better glimpse of these young Abaknons, I intend to do a photoshoot with them this December.

(thanks to Genith for the pics).

CAIS Hosts BAA Meet

CAIS recently hosted the Balicuatro Athletic Association Meet which began October 2. Athletes from Allen, San Isidro, Victoria, San Vicente, San Antonio and Capul competed in the games.

A search for Mr. & Ms. BAA was also held where Capul's Camille Castillo won the Miss BAA title and a guy from San Vicente got the nod as Mr. BAA.

(pics and report from Cellini Tepace; also from Jenkifem Castillo)

Presenting: Mr. & Mrs. Arvin Blasquillo

After some waiting ... the time did indeed come. Now, a new couple has just been blessed.. ready to face the world, as one.

Arvin is now based in Dubai. Caren (nee Marzol is a registered nurse).


(the pics are taking a long time coming, so i'm initially posting this for now)

Namamasko Po!

This picture was one of those taken by John last fiesta.

But every time I look at it, I can't help but remember Christmases past when kids would line up at the house early in the morning and patiently wait for me to wake up (exhausted as I would normally be from the Christmas eve revelry). As soon as I get up, I would hand them small bills, a tradition I inherited from the late Mayor Fred Castillo.

And those were the exact smiles I would see - genuine expressions of gratitude and happiness. I hope and pray that I can do this again come Christmas this year. Gulpe to taraguay kun gae kita katigayon. He he. Bahala na si Batman. :-)