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Scouting in Capul: Part I

One of the best memories of our childhood were of the fun and learning we had during scouting events. In fact, these memories set us apart from those who studied in the cities, as the scouting we had were of the type that train people to be independent, resourceful and brothers (sisters) to all. Just talk of scouting and we will, in chorus, chatter about building elaborate tents, doing fancy drills, compete in flag signalling and fire-making contests, and of course - the showcasing of the respective songs, yells and stunts.  And not to be forgotten are the friendships we built by the mingling of the scouts from the barrios and those from the poblacion.

It thus is commendable that the scouting spirit lives on among our current crop of kids. It is refreshing to once again see kids beam excited faces as they parade in their scout uniforms. It is heartwarming to note that the tradition of bonding and learning continues to pass to generations next. And for us who have gone through the same …

CSC Tourney Updated Standings


Yellow (Don) 2 1 5      Red (Siloy) 2 1 5                  Yellow (Keith) 2 0 4
Red (Radji) 2 1 5         White (Marlon) 2 1 4       White (MatMat) 1 1 3
Blue (Randy) 2 1 5      Yellow (Bigboy) 1 2 4          Blue (Rowen) 0 2 2
Black (Betot) 0 3 3      Green(Anthony/CA) 1 2 3

Classification Rule in breaking the tie:

Red       44      Yellow 39
Blue      82       Red 78
Yellow  77        Blue 70

Team Game Ave. Goal Diff.


Yellow 116 / 114 1.017544
Red     122 / 121 1.008264
Blue    152 / 155 0.980645

PS – Points Scored (Sum of the scores played by the team)
PA - Points Against (Sum of the scores played by the opponents)
Goal Difference is equal to PS divided by PA


September 19, 2010 Semi – Finals (Team Numbers 1 and 2 are twice to beat)
Game starts at 10am

1st Game Senior Yellow (No. 1) vs. Black (No. 4)
2nd Game Super Senior Red (No. 1) vs. Green (No. 4)
3rd Game Kids / Teens Blue vs. White
4th Game Sup…

And Now .... The Models

In between games, while the teams are just gathering and warming-up, I took some candid and not-so-candid shots of the players and everyone else who gets captured by the roving cam.  So here now are the pics of Capul's new models.. :-)

CSC Games Standings & Sked

Here now are the current standings of the on-going CSC Basketball Tournament:
SENIOR         W L P
Yellow (Don)  1 1 3 White (Radji)  1 1 3 Blue (Randy)  1 1 3 Black (Betot)  0 2 2
SUPER SENIOR   W L P Red (Siloy)             2 0 4 Yellow (Bigboy)     1 1 3 White (Marlon)      1 1 2 Blue (Anthony/CA) 0 2 1
KIDS / TEENS     W L P Yellow (Keith)       2 0 4 White (Mat Mat)   0 1 1 Blue (Rowen)        0 1 1

And the game schedules: September 12, 2010
1st Game Senior Yellow vs. Blue 2nd Game Super Senior Yellow vs. Blue 3rd Game Kids / Teens White vs. Blue 4th Game Super Senior Red vs. White