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Reminiscing The ACapulko Youth Days

There was a time in the past when the students and young professional Abaknons in Metro Manila would easily converge - with the ACapulKo-Youth as the central bond. And those were days of unbridled fun, of great camaraderie. Activities ranged from picnics, parties, parlor and serious games, to fund raising activities for worthy causes (gift-giving carolings, donation of water pump to Central, etc.).

It's hard to believe it's been years when these pics were taken. But when we closely look at how much slimmer people then, then there's no more denying that time has indeed gone a long way (exhibit number 1: Bebe Depaz he he).
Can those days be replicated? Of course! The current crop of Manila-based youth could once again bond together and have fun while pursuing some worthy endeavors. That's a challenge that can easily be met if taken seriously.

Mr. & Mrs. Renato Castillo & Family

Rene Castillo must be one Abaknon that has not been seen for some years now. If you're wondering where he is, he and his family are now based in the United Kingdom.  They've established residence in Radstock, Bath (about a hundred miles west of London) for more than five years.  He works as a chef in a government hospital while his wife, Aleth, works as a nurse.

For the younger readers of this site, Renato or Rene Castillo is the  only son of Mr. Moling  Castillo and Glory Castillo (both retired teachers of Capul). Honestly, I too haven't known him as much - all I could remember is that he was one of my Father's favorite  boy scouts, and one of the more popular and talented men of his batch. From what I heard, he was among the recognized heartthrobs of his generation (a title contested only by Pio Jao hehe). The pictures here of course would confirm that the luster has not faded (bali na sito mahal bayad hehehe).
The couple has two beautiful kids, Karen (also a nurse) an…

Dreaming of Nanay's Delectable Foods

by Alex M. Castillo

Alex is from San Luis and is graduate of the University of the Philippines. He now works as the HR Manager of Guaranteed Marketing Services Inc., a service provider of local and multinational companies.
Nanay’s cooking flood my childhood memories.

From the simple meals composed of rice, paksiw, vegetable dishes to fiesta food and most especially the delicacies that were oh so yummy. When I’m homesick or stressed from work, I relive the happy anticipation of my childhood waiting for Nanay’s cooking.

Nanay with the help of my older sisters prepare these yummy foods either for the family’s consumption during fiestas, Christmas or New Year celebrations or simply to be sold around the village. I learned to cook some of them also when I was old enough to prepare them.

Rice and other local crops like sweet potato, cassava, banana and others are the main ingredients of these local delicacies. The other main ingredients are usually coconut and sugar. These are si…

Graduation Greetings: Leizyl M. Romero

Just as education is one of the best legacies that parents can leave their children, it too can be the grandest way for any child to honor his/her parents.
That precisely was what happened when Leizyl Marzol Romero recenly graduated at the California State University East Bay, in Hayward, California.
As she beamed with pride for earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Concentration in Finance, Marketing, and Economics degree, her parents - Lorna Marzol and Mike Romero were just as ecstatic. They knew fully-well that her success, while an affirmation of her sheer talent and dedication, was likewise a monument to their shared hard work to ensure that the road towards Liezyl's dreams is filled with inspiration and devoid of economic stress..
Congratulations Leizyl! And salute to your parents!

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