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The Little Misses Go Marangga!

Kids ruled the pageant ramp in the recent Fiesta celebration - as they, instead of the ladies, were featured in a beauty and talent presentation. Dubbed as Little Miss Marangga 2012 (a kick-off from last year's Ms. Marangga), the little misses confidently faced an eager audience and passed through the same rituals as most beauty title holders would have in their younger years. 

The kids took the usual route: Talent Portion, Gown Competition and Interview. In the end, the following were proclaimed winners.

The winner however, was drawn by lots and the previous awards had no bearing in its determination. All it required was a stroke of luck, and the lucky girl was.....

LORDS Brothers Champions!

They swept the elimination round (6-0) but got a devastating first game loss in the finals against a determined Barangay 4 team.

Touted as the team to beat, a second loss would have meant a bridesmaid finish and a stinging humiliation.

But the team proved worthy of the high regard that was accorded them. First they made sure they get a chance to level the playing field by winning game 2.After that, the team poured its mighty strength to secure victory.

The final game became a virtual showcase of the team’s individual strengths. Deciding not to give its opponent another chance to pull a heist in the end game, they made the runs from the first whistle. In the first quarter, they were already ahead by 24 points. 
The hotshots of Brgy. 4 tried to claw back in spurts, but the efforts proved not enough. In the end, LORDS Brothers triumphed and became this Fiesta's Seniors Champions.
The players were:

Luis “Pungay” Magloyuan, Jr. Joery Cabacang Alejandro “Magna” Castillo Jero Tan
Carlo …