The Little Misses Go Marangga!

Kids ruled the pageant ramp in the recent Fiesta celebration - as they, instead of the ladies, were featured in a beauty and talent presentation. Dubbed as Little Miss Marangga 2012 (a kick-off from last year's Ms. Marangga), the little misses confidently faced an eager audience and passed through the same rituals as most beauty title holders would have in their younger years.

Candidate No. 1 Erika H. Cabatingan
Candidate No. 2 Bea Nil S. Andarino
Candidate No. 3 Geneville E. Magdaraog
Candidate No. 4 Keana P. Ramosa
Candidate No. 5 Jullienne Louiesse O. Guardiano
Candidate No. 6 Winona Ashley Rose M. Ortega

The kids took the usual route: Talent Portion, Gown Competition and Interview. In the end, the following were proclaimed winners.

Miss Talent : Bea Nil S. Andarino

Ms. Beauty: Bea Nil S. Andarino

Best in Gown : Bea Nil S. Andarino

Most Bibo of the Night:  Jullienne Louiesse O. Guardiano

The winner however, was drawn by lots and the previous awards had no bearing in its determination. All it required was a stroke of luck, and the lucky girl was.....

Little Ms. Marangga: Keanna P. Ramosa

A very enthusiastic crowd!
The very engaging hosts


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