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Parade Pics: Majorettes

Note: I am no longer familiar with the names of the young ladies featured here. Can the readers please supply them to me?

Parade Pics: CDH & Barangay Officials


Parade Pics: Landusan NHS Teachers & Students


Parade Pics: PNP & BFP


Parade Pics: CAIS Teachers and Employees


Parade Pics: LGU Officers & Employees


Parade Pics: Capul Central I Teachers


Random Shots: Faces, Faces..

Here are some of the photos captured by my roving camera when I went around town last town fiesta.

Hermana Mayor Ms. Eugenia A. Cabacang

Congressman & Mrs. Paul Daza

Birthday celebrator SPO1 Albert Magloyuan

Balikbayan Heli Jao

Doc. Joyce and Mhedz

CPAG interprets "Manila"

One of the treats during the Search for Bb. Capul-Turismo were the dance interpretations of the CAIS Performing Arts Guild (CPAG). And they were indeed superb! They didn't just move with grace and charm, their routines were likewise hip, unconventional, experimental and truly captivating.

Here's their interpretation of the famous 70's ditty "Manila".

CPAG: Manila (You Tube)

(please just click the link. i have tried adjusting the window size, but it's still too big for the frame)

More Street Dancing Videos

Here are some recovered clips on the performances of the various teams at the Brgy. 4 mini park.

Barangay 5 Dancers: Click here.

Tribu Mananaklob: CAIS

This was the group that romped away with all the major awards - best in costume, best in showcase performance and best in street performance.

The team was composed of senior high school students and coached by Mr. Rommel Guardiano. They represented the island's fishermen, carrying along fish traps as part of their costume.

(click pics to enlarge)