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Patron Na!

I recommend you read Jed's latest post. It makes one nostalgic on the fiesta celebrations. And it's written in Inabaknon!

Ortego-Cula Nuptials (First Installment)

Posting here initial pics from Leon and Shiela's wedding last July 15.

These were just grabbed from Joyce's Friendster account. The pics from the professional photographer will be posted later.

5th Abaknon Festival Launched

As part of the celebrations for the Feast of St. Ignatius de Loyola, the 5th Abaknon Festival will be held, counting among others, a string of activities as follows.


Below are the competition Guidelines and Mechanics:

1. Concept or theme plus costume and performance are left to the discretion of the participants based on their own interpretation of the Abaknon culture, through costumes, traditions and rituals, economic activity without copying other regions’ festival.

2. The traditional dance “DOS AMIGOS” will be the beat or music of the street dance utilizing all instruments recorded or unrecorded (guitar/ drums/ talutang / other indigenous materials created by participants) to ensure a distinct identity of the festival. Truly it should reflect the “abaknon” culture and tradition.

3. Dance steps should be the original “dos amigos” and any variations, body movements and costumes should conform to the standards of morality.

4. Choreographed dance steps should be co…

LORDS Bros., Kalye Putol, Danao Win First Games

Fiesta Basketball Begins ... On the Wrong Foot?

Basketball tournaments in the Philippines are as commonplace as the floods of July. It therefore baffles the mind why despite so much practice, we still cannot do things perfectly.

When a group organizes a tournament, rules must be drawn and laid down prior to everything else. Those rules serve as prior notice to everyone and shall be steadfastly held upon ratification. No new rules, with retroactive effect must be entertained. That's the only way to maintain sanity in the midst of the conflicting interests of the competitors.

So what happened? Maybe the details are not important. Let it just be said that when teams apply for the slots in the tournament, they submit their line-up for consideration. Once approved, the team owners prepare their uniforms. Unless there are provisions providing for contestability periods, then the line-up as approved must be final. Kariman hamok si mga uniform kun sige salli-salli. :-)

Kidding aside, we hope that the issues get settled soon so that the g…


This site has been silent for the past few days. Not much news were relayed from Capul. I heard the internet connection is still not operating.

Too bad, because this is the time when people are hungry for tidbits on the activities for the fiesta. Sadly, until now, no iota of information has reached Bandilyo.

But be that as it may, there surely will be lots of materials when this site's administrator will be in Capul. Yup, for the fiesta! I promise I will keep everyone posted.

Btw, you must have noticed the new banner. That design is courtesy of Darby Ortego.