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P/C/Insp. Maly Cula

He's one of those whose YM accounts are always open. And I understand. The internet now helps a lot in easing the pangs of loneliness of those like us who are outside the warmth of love and friendships in the Philippines. P/C/Insp. Maly Cula is now in Kosovo, serving as International Police Officer for the United Nations Mission (Kosovo is part of the former Yuguslavian Republic). Now we know that his job is not just lonely, but risky as well. Let's all wish him well. And to help him lessen the loneliness, girls can always write him at this address: (He he. Sorry, mali!) Maly is a regular visitor of this site. For readers who have been out of the country for so long, Maly is the son of Mac Cula (of Mano Cesar and Mana Agring) and is a graduate of the Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA).

Batch '92 Alumni Pics


Ms. Baby Pelito -Tanabe

I finally got the chance to visit her place in Sakura. She fetched me at the train station and brought me to her fabulous residence. There, I was offered sumptuous lunch. And instant Nihonggo lessons from her accomodating husband, who admits to really wanting to visit Capul again.
Her sister, Mariet, now lives with her. The three of us scoured the nearby areas, and ended up having great time with fellow Filipinos in a karaoke bar. Twas fun.

Beautiful Capul

Here are some of the pictures I took the last time I went home. I guess they're actually good enough to be your desktop backgound. (You'd see the top pic gracing mine)

Batch '98 Alumni Pics

photos sent by Aldous

Batch '82 Alumni Pics

Photos courtesy of Mr. Nelson Adversario. He sends his regards and thanks to his batchmates: Theresa Hechanova, Josephine Dugan and Gene Luneza, who are now in Canada.

For other information regarding batch 82 activities,
please contact: Salvacion Servito and Lourdes Deculawan.
contact number: (+63) 927-731-8013

Some Alumni Pics

(Thanks to Suzette for the pics)