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A Different Christmas Celebration

As earlier planned, on December 24, we organized a caroling with a twist – instead of us being given money, we give goods instead. Our targets were mostly the elderly and children.

And boy, it was an experience of a lifetime!
Many of us could hardly sing during the few houses we knocked on. It was pretty emotional. And there’s really no beating the happiness we gained from the smiles we received, the prayers we gathered and the appreciation that we generated.
That, I say was one of the most meaningful Christmases we’ve ever had.

(Thanks to Mana Dolor and Charlyn for their generous donation.)

Capul LGU Christmas Party

December 13 seemed like a red-letter day in Capul, as the LGU christmas party became a community activity. Almost everyone was there - all national and local employees, elementary and high school teachers and employees and barangay officials.

Special guests were Cong. Paul Daza, Gov. Raul Daza, Board Member Del Valle, and Mayor CabueƱos of Gandara Western Samar.

pics courtesy of Jonas Baguipo.

Iristorya Dulo Kita

Training 'Em Young For The Big League

It is always fun watching kids play their hearts out, but in yesterday's game in Marikina, the spectacle was made more exciting by the fact that those boys played superb basketball at their very tender age! Swear, they really can play! Maybe because basketball still remains as the most popular sport in the country. But aside from that, it was probably more due to the genes they have inherited and the passion for the sport passed on from their very fathers. As I checked the surnames of those kids, it was apparent that their skills were honed through the guiding hand of their similarly basketball-savvy dads. It will be no wonder then if one day, these kids will become sports superstars who will make every Abaknon proud.

Peter Magdaraog: Japan Pics

Peter works with the Bureau of Plant Industry - Department of Agriculture. This job has given him opportunities for trainings abroad, previously in South Korea and just recently in Japan. The training lasted for two weeks in a place a little far off Tokyo. But since Abaknons are everywhere, he was able to meet the family of Lorena Tsugami who brought him sight-seeing. The pics here were taken at the Kurashiki Tivoli Park in Osaka.

Abaknons in Canada

Canada is now emerging as one of the new frontiers for migration, as it offers a lot of opportunities to those who seek the good life, in an environment far friendlier than many other countries.

Here are pics of some of our brethren who have joined the bandwagon, as they took time to meet each other. There are the Jaos (who must one of the pioneer Abaknons in the area), the family of Eva Sauro and Emelyn Cascano-Ortego.

Sarayaw Pics

This may come a little too late, but I am posting these pics to congratulate the organizers (Abaknon Sports League) and the throng of Abaknons who went to the recent "pasayaw" held in Marikina. It was a successful and peaceful event, and it is hoped that gatherings like this will always be a place for wholesome fun among us.

And for our kababayans somewhere else, these will surely remind them of the good old days when everyone always had lots of enjoyment during public dances (as the smiling faces below would attest).