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Saruyong: A Call for Preservation

I bet not all of us, even those who claim to be true-blue "taga-bungto" has been to this place (guilty, I admit I am). That despite the fact that it is just a stone's throw away from the poblacion - a short walk from the Napocor area.

Happily though, the kids knew about it - and they were just too proud to show their "discovery". They dragged me to the place, but making sure that I brought a camera.  It is a beautiful, they claimed with enthusiasm. They have been there a lot of times.

It was still the rainy season and the trail was quite slippery. I was all the while complaining, saying it was not as near as they touted.
But my mood changed when we passed by the brook. It just triggered a rush of happy memories of "panapsok", "pangurang" and "buhon-buhon", the things we do when we go "manapa-sapa".  But no matter how much I try to recall, I cannot, for the life of me remember having gone to the area for a dip, much less a s…