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Sarayaw Kalsada

From the Administrator:
I was just browsing thru my photo files when I found these pics taken during an impromptu irinum cum sarayaw in Tangnga by the 86ers last December. Needless to say, that was one fun-filled reunion, albeit composed only of a few.
This post however, comes in the heels of a sad news that one of our batchmates now faces some health concerns. She was not there during the gathering, but I hope these pics will make her smile.
Get well soon, Ludith!

Abaknons Rock Vegas!

Abaknons work hard ... but they party harder!
This truism was once again proven when Abaknons in the US and Canada  recently gathered together for serious bonding. They took leave from their respective jobs and pressing activities and rocked Las Vegas the way only Abaknons do. That means lots of dancing, drinking, chatter and limitless fun.
These photos were taken during the evening get-together at the Cafe Moda.

(Note: We would appreciate knowing the names of all the persons in the pics. ABAC members, please send the administrator the names of those featured in each photo.
Thanks to Ms. Nida Halpin, Ms. Esther Castillo-Bahm and Darren Ortego for the pics. Not all of those present however were in the pics, as the camera bearers also got lost in the fun. For those who have pics, please email them to the admin. Thanks!)

ABAC is Born!

It took a long time coming, but it is now off and running. As an offshoot of a recent reunion in Las Vegas (more on that later), a formal association aimed at mobilizing Abaknons in the United States and Canada has finally been organized.
It is named ABAC orAbaknons Based in America and Canada.  Its first step was to elect its pioneer set of officers, as follows:
President: Bernard Ortego Vice - Presidents:  Pio Jao for Canada                            Richard Bahm for USA Treasurer:  Myrna Manaog-Valmores Secretary :  Mila Ortego Asst. Secretary : Nida Halpin Auditor :  Nieva Tan
Advisers:  Dolor Bascon
               Mandong Gatongay
               Lorna Almazan

Coordinators:  East Coast - Lily Ombrog
                     West Coast - Potot Pelito
                     Canada - Pio Jao and Genny Luniza

The group is currently preparing a directory of all Abaknons in the US and Canada. Through this site, Abaknons are requested to send their names, addresses, contact numbers and email addresses…

Atty. Reo S. Andarino

Second in a brood of five of Samuel P. Andarino and Nilda F. Sauro.  Born September 20, 1969. Currently the Department Manager of Landbank's Overseas Remittance Marketing and Support Department.Prior to this, he was the Chief Representative to the Landbank Rep Office in Tokyo, Japan (from 2008 to 2012). He at the same time handled the operations in South Korea. A veteran in the global remittance industry, he has led key initiatives that improved his Bank's operational efficiencies and increased customer reach worldwide. He is recognized as a marketing and negotiations expert and an authority in international banking operations - particularly on cross-border payments and related services to overseas Filipinos. He  introduced and facilitated the entry of Landbank to the Eurogiro network - a worldwide cross-border payments system that links postal organizations and Banks.  This allowed Landbank to reach a greater number of clients in Japan, So. …

Aynrand Tirazona: A Profile in Excellence

Once again, Abaknons can stand by the proud claim that academic excellence is  something  that runs abundantly in our collective veins.
The laurel this time came from Aynrand Victor Manaog Tirazona who topped the University of Eastern Philippines (UEP) BS Nursing Ametrine Batch of 2010. He led the pack by copping Magna Cum Laude honors, with a grade point average of 1.45. 
He also garnered the Academic Excellence Award and Nurse Clinician Award. 
Lest you wonder who he is, Aynrand is the eldest son of Dr. Antonio Tirazona and Dr. Amalia Manaog-Tirazona. Truth is, he was raised primarily in Catbalogan City where his parents are practicing their medical professions. But it is undeniable, as he himself professes, that he is true-blue Capuleno because he could speak Abaknon fluently.

(with notes from Ms. Ely M. Balanquit)

UEP Graduation Rites 2010

The University of Eastern Philippines yesterday held its 46th Commencement Rites with Sen. Edgardo Angara as keynote Speaker.
Hordes of graduates, students, parents, relatives and kibitzers graced the affair.
And since it's election time, politicians were also around to exchange pleasantries with the crowd at the Amphiteater.
Congratulations to all the graduates and their parents. Special applause to the Abaknons!

Ester Bonabon Reconnects

She, for sure, is no longer familiar to the younger generation. Why, the last time she stepped in Capul must have been in the early 90's yet!
But ask anyone from and near the Class of 1981 from Capul Central and they will tell you that she is the beautiful daughter of Mrs. Rosario de Guzman - the latter being a very prominent personality in scouting activities of that era. That mother-daughter team was a very popular tandem that time, something that's almost akin to local celebrity-hood. (The Administrator admits that her mother is his parents' comadre, so please forgive the lavish praise). :-)
Reconnecting thru Facebook, she now tries to regain contact with her childhood friends. She admits to missing Capul so much.

Ester is now based in Doha, Qatar. Her son, Kevin, is now in college.