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Pelito Reunion

These were pictures taken in Moroporo/Bato Beach during the Pelito reunion after Holy Week.

I have nothing further to say because, as evidenced by the last photo, someone was drunk at the time. Actually, lango na si adda longneck plus adda lapad GSM blue mixed with Extra Joss nga duwang duwangan hamok mayya mag-inom. Hay, Capul! Gae katibusan irinum! :-)

Mico A.

As I wait for your pictures to come, let me just post first a few pictures taken during the baptism of Michael Owen C. Andarino, the first-born of my brother Owen and Fe Castillo. This was during the fiesta week in 2006.

Here's how the boy looks now. Cute eh? (he he proud ba ang uncle?)

Nostalgia Capuleña

It’s heartwarming to reminisce the good old days, even only through photographs. For those of you who have kept these priceless treasures, please don’t hesitate to send them to me. The older, the better.

First on my mailbox are these photos taken in 1995 when Ms. Linda Jao-Astle went home for a visit.

Check out how her subjects looked 12 years ago.

And look at the motorboats. Mamadiki pa siray! (P.S. Tiguhubi daw kun ay nan mga motora he he)

The Final Cast

Finally, the winners in the race for municipal seats in Capul have been proclaimed. After initial confusion (brought about by the heat of the moment), the final tally is as follows:

Mayor : Atty. Ignacio Bandal - 2,854 votes

Vice Mayor: Ignacio Cascaño - 2,843 votes


1. Rene Pasco - 3,234
2. Letlet Catucod - 3,110
3. Dick Pelito - 3,106
4. Titit Castillo - 2,954
5. Momeng Ortego - 2,872
6. Ben Pernito - 2,664
7. Igning Magloyuan - 2,629
8. Marlon Mente - 2,624

It was 7-1 after all, in favor of the incumbent party. Igning Magloyuan was actually number 7 and Amos Esquillo was at No. 9 with 2,534 votes. Mrs. Milagros Manaog who was earlier touted to be 8th slid to No. 10 with 2,486 votes.

Ian Castillo had 2,770 votes while Jeffrey Suan had 2, 676.

This must be one of the most exciting elections Capul has ever had. Now, it’s time to get to work for the betterment of our beloved hometown.

(Note: For my thoughts on the elections, please check my “Moving On” post at

Updates on the Verdict

4:30 p.m. Manila Time

Until now, no definite news has come from Capul.

All I can post here now are some of the tidbits I have so far gathered. I will just edit this post every time I hear something new.

As of this morning …

Atty. Ignacio Bandal won over Ian Castillo by about 80 votes. The critical votes were said to have come from San Luis which was traditionally Castillo country. Atty. Bandal won by more than 100 votes in San Luis and received the usual overwhelming support from Sawang and Landusan.

Early news circulating today claimed that Jeffrey Suan beat Ignacio Cascaño by about 30 votes. But later in the day, after the unofficial tally was re-checked, it turned out that Mr. Cascaño actually won by more than a hundred votes.

As to the councilors, its 6-2 in favor of the Castillo Group. The two who made it were Letlet Catucod and Milagros Manaog. Igning Magloyuan fell to number 9, only 7 votes behind Mrs. Manaog. (caveat: the figures I am citing here are not official. I will try to get t…

Baptism: Salva & Fely Cabacang's Baby

I was invited to the baptism of the baby (Shedeur Faith) of Salvador Cabacang and Fely Galosmo last week somewhere in Caloocan City (sorry I’m not really a keen handler of details).

Danny Galosmo took photos with his digicam but he has yet to deliver on his promise to send me some shots.

Anyway, here are some taken from my old but reliable phone.


Mr. Rosalio "Saling" Sauro died early morning Saturday due to a lingering illness.

Please include him in your prayers.

Shame, Shame

The reports I have received are still sketchy, but the known figures are chilling: two persons dead and one wounded. All because of the election madness.

I have always been proud of the fact that elections in Capul have long been orderly and peaceful. True, candidates and supporters may engage in normal verbal tussles, but I have yet to hear of a time in our history when physical violence spiced the contests.

Until now. And I can only bow my head in shame. I cannot believe that a shootout among the supporters of the candidates could ever occur in our placid island.

Deep in my heart I’m seething with rage. And regardless of who started the fracas, I still put the blame squarely on the candidates for their failure to control their wards. All these heat is because of them. They should therefore be responsible for reining themselves and their supporters in order to keep the peace.

From what I heard, one of those who died is from Allen, supposedly acting as bodyguard for one of the candidates.…

Judge Ampuan in the US

I received a surprise e-mail from Bernard Ortego who is now based in Reno, Nevada. I never really expected such an honor (smile). Of course, sino ba ang hindi nakakakilala sa "the Bernard Ortego".

Per his account, he met with Judge Freddie Ampuan who is now in the U.S. for the World Jurists Association special conference in LA. And as it is for all Filipinos, more so Abaknons, the visit of a kababayan becomes a reason for getting-together.

Apparently, Bernard too is a regular visitor of Bandilyo Abaknon.

“Judge Ampuan is now visiting all the Capulenos and I was proud of telling him that you have this web site. Good job and hope you will continue to share your ideas and experiences in life as a new lawyer..kaka inggit looks to me ur having fun there /seeing places, meeting beautiful people."

Of course I just cannot pass the opportunity of having their pictures posted here. In the slide show are Judge Ampuan and his wife, with Bernard of course, Ester Castillo, Potot P…