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Capul Church Now A National Treasure

August 5, 2011. After quite a long wait, Capul's centuries-old church has finally received the recognition and honor it truly deserves. It is now placed as among the country's historical and cultural treasures - a jewel that has to be preserved as a legacy to future generations. It also formalizes our claim that indeed, Capul is one of the country's older and history-rich communities in the Philippines.
It is hoped that with this designation, it will generate more support from the government and all other sources for its upkeep. And for the Capulenos, this will have to inspire us to invite more visitors to the island, so that they may see this quaint and unassuming beauty that has long mesmerized us.

Kudos to all those who worked hard for the realization of this dream.

Photos from Mr. Jed Tan Saluib

Beachfront Property For Sale

For those who want to enjoy the sea breeze, this property located in Sitio Danao is currently for sale.
Just call Edwin Montopar at 09217322595 OR 09053381834 for the details!

CAISAA Grand Alumni Homecoming 2011: Postscript

Administrator's Notes:

At the outset let me say: it was one of the most fun-filled homecomings I have attended (although I wasn't there in 2001, 2005 and 2008). I heard many others sharing the same opinion. Kudos therefore to those who exerted a lot of effort in organizing the event, particularly CAISAA  President Rommel Enecillo who personally devoted time and effort for the preparations.
Clearly however, it was not perfect. And since we will surely have more homecomings to come, it is just but right to evaluate the event and make adjustments wherever warranted. Let me share my two-cents worth:
I. Timing
Three days is clearly too long, if we consider that most of the alumni are working people. Scheduling it away from the Holy Week celebration is also ill-timed, as they will be torn between going home for the alumni event or the Holy Week.  Suggestion: Make the timing standard. Schedule it always on Easter Sunday and the Monday next. That will allow people to schedule their absenc…

Capul Central I Graduation Exercises

April 6 was red-letter day for the students, parents and teachers of Capul Central I as the graduation ceremonies for SY 2010-2011 was held. Despite the scorching heat, everyone flashed sweet smiles as each of them savored that one proud moment in the young lives of the graduates. 

Proudest in the lot are the following Honor Pupils:

1st Honor - Kendra Maxine M. Gasid
2nd Honor - Paula Marie S. Montopar
1st Hon. Mention -  Elisha Shammah O. Rebong
2nd Hon. Mention - Cristine M. Dejoide
3rd Hon. Mention - Marchelle Nica D. Saluib
4th Hon. Mention - Floriebelle O. Montopar
5th Hon. Mention - Junibelle M. Calamay
6th Hon. Mention - Faye M. Gaco
1st Achiever - Faye M. Gaco
2nd Achiever - Juffel Jule B. Congzon
3rd Achiever - Ian Harvey B. Congzon

The guest speaker for the commencement exercises was Mrs. Pamela Gaco-Bayabay.

Katig Writers Meet Abaknon Writers

The Katig Writers Network of Region 8 recently gathered aspiring Abaknon writers thru an activity dubbed as "Writers Consultation and Planning Activity".
The activity was spearheaded by Mr. Phil Harold L. Mercurio, NCCA-NCLA Regional Coordinator for Eastern Visayas. The purpose of said activity was to organize writers groups in Region 8 (specifically in Capul), promote arts and culture in Eastern Visayas, and build cooperation and understanding among the people in Region 8. 


CAIS Holds 37th Graduation Rites

The Capul Agricultural and Industrial School, on April 7, 2011, held the graduation rites for Batch 2011.  And from a group of 181 graduates, the following were on the honor roll:

Valedictorian - Faith Jirah O. Rebong
Salutatorian - Larrielyn S. Pornelos
First Hon. Mention -  Mary Ann G. Cabacang
Second Hon. Mention - Kim Jay M. Bulan
Third Hon. Mention - Hezel C. Bulan
With Honors: Juvin T. Tortoles
                     Robin O. Banagbanag
                     Charlotte Kaye A. Panis
                     Cestle Rose P. Catucod
                     Floriza P. Agote

This year's keynote speaker was Atty. Reo S. Andarino (please click link for his profile), Landbank's Chief Representative to Japan, who taught the graduates how to "dance to the tune of life".

CAIS Principal Domingo Castillo confirmed the graduates.

Mrs. Mercy Gaco, who will be retiring in June, hosted the event.

Announcement: CCES I Alumni Get-Together

The Capul Central Elementary School (now with a I, for those who are not yet aware) announces the holding of an Alumni Get-Together on July 29, 2011 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Under the leadership of Principal Anecita Catucod, the event is in response to the clamor of CCES alumni who have been yearning to walk through memory lane again with the rest of their schoolmates. It aims to gather the bountiful produce the school has had and document its history - which is now in danger of being forgotten.
The July 29 gathering will be a prelude to the actual Grand Alumni Homecoming which will be decided on by the Steering Committee to be organized on the said date. A draft by-laws will be submitted to the body for discussion and consideration.
Registration will be done in designated rooms, which divides the graduates by the decade of graduation. Parlor games designed to recall the carefree childhood days will be held, capped by a bingo bonanza in the afternoon.
Lunch will be potluck, also in th…

Gov. Paul Daza Graces CSC Basketball Tourney

Gov. Paul Daza surprised Abaknons in Marikina last Sunday as he joined the Capul Sunday Club in a basketball exhibition game. Showing off his wares as a competent basketball player - he ran, hustled and scored. Joining him were Judge Freddie Ampuan, Col. Carpio (PNP) of Catarman and former PBA player Joey Mente.