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A Christmas Wishlist

(from the Administrator)

Will you be in Capul this Christmas?
It’s been years (7 maybe?) since the last time I spent Christmas in Capul. This time, I will surely be there.
But I want my stay to be meaningful, not just any regular vacation. I therefore am toying on some plans - all of them requiring your support and participation.
First, I wish to have a repeat of the caroling we once did with the ACapulKo-Youth many years back.This was the caroling where instead of getting funds from those we visit, we give them gifts instead (foodstuff, clothes, etc.). The list of beneficiaries came from the DSWD, meaning we only give to those who badly need holiday cheers.
Second, I’d like to have even only a one-day interaction with the youth of Capul. I wish I could do this in coordination with the Sangguniang Kabataan. The idea is to bond them together so that they may have a collective vision as to how they could be responsible and productive citizens for the town. Can anyone please get the contact d…

A Son's Tribute To His Mother

As I browsed through my links, I came across this beautiful article written by Alex Castillo about his mother who will be celebrating her birthday come early October. Alex is one of Capul's more prolific writers, he being a graduate of the University of the Philippines and of course, CAIS. From his posted profile, it's easy to surmise that he indeed has gone a long way from his humble roots in San Luis.

The article is a tribute to his Mother who has gone beyond her means to achieve her dream - that of leaving a good life for her children through education. I guess all Abaknons can emphatize with that, that's why I am hoping that you will be able read the article.

It starts this way:

"She was born Iluminada Magdaraog on October 10, 1936. Her first name means “illumination” while her family name means a “winner”. I don't know her order of birth in the family but she's one of the middle children. She only got as far as the elementary school because she had to take …

Nam Manilot San Luis!

Here are some pics of Medy, Wewe, Maryann and their kids having fun in San Luis while sharing some silot. Ribhong pa ba!

Ms. Lorna Marzol-Romero: Awardee


Fiesta Vacation Pics

One of the overseas Abaknons who went home last fiesta was the family of Ms. Lorena “Botet” Tsugami.Here below are some of the pics taken with friends, classmates and relatives.

I didn’t even know Pio Jao also went home. Long time, no see!

Godspeed, Ma'am Oding!

Ms. Alodia Saluib must be one teacher one can’t easily forget. For who would forget one who is a real terror, not just in class but even outside?

The kids that we were, we hated her. Tangnga cannot be noisy in her presence. Even those just walking around can get her ire – “bawal agsagudsod i tsinelas”, “bawal i mamaribok,” etc.
As her students, we feared her a lot. She is doubly strict and a disciplinarian to a fault - from our youthful point-of-view. She takes her lessons seriously, so one must always be ready for class. No one would dare want to be the center of a full dressing down.
But that, we later realize, was just her style, the manner she embraced to send her message across, and stay. The strong personality was a facade to an inner desire to develop strong-willed students.
And that I appreciated as I matured. Living in the shadow of strict people did create a deeper character in me. And Ma’am Oding’s was one of those whose mark was etched more permanently in my psyche.
Everytime I…

Bascons' Wedding

The Bascon couples (Don & Loi, Ryan & Melay) had their renewal of vows through a joint church wedding ceremony last August 23. This was held at the Archbishop Chapel in Cebu and reception was at the Ocean Pavilion of the Shangri-laBeach and Spa Resort.

Celebrations were later held at the beach in Capul.

Go, Jeanra!

One of the Philippines’ most-accomplished choirs, having reaped both local and international accolades, is the University of Santo Tomas Singers.
Its history has been quite checkered, having already received the recognition as one of the world’s best. It’s most publicized win was when the group triumphed at the 49th Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod in Wales, United Kingdom and won four (4) First Prizes including the CHOIR OF THE WORLD GRAND PRIZE. The Eisteddfod is the oldest international choral competition in the world and the UST Singers is the first and only Asian choir, to date, to attain such prestigious honor.
Now, the choir is on tour in Europe. And guess who’s with them? Ms. Jeanra Sauro Bometivo, as one of the sopranos. She just graduated from the UST conservatory.
They have already performed at the World Expo in Zaragoza, Spain and per their schedule, they must now be participating at the XXVII Festival Coral Internacional de Alava in Spain.
To Jeanra, we wish you …