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Ms. Eugenia A. Cabacang

She went to Spain in the late 70’s (1979?).

Armed with nothing but sheer talent and determination, she braved the challenges of a foreign land. And luckily (or by the grace of God, she’d claim), she was able to make her mark and survived. She’s been in Madrid since then and is currently teaching English at the Spanish Royal Airforce Academy.

That’s our Dada Wenia or Tita Eugene for the others.

Richie Magloyuan and Family


Fiesta Images

Don’t these images remind you of a wonderful past?

Look at the little girls in the parade. New dresses, huh? Didn’t we all got new uniforms for the fiesta parade. Plus those we use for the field demonstration, of course. Padadayawon may kitam gayud siray si mga uniform ta. Then these band majorettes. These had always been coveted spots. Only the long-legged beauties get to strut their stuff. The boys of course can’t help but ogle.

CAIS Batch '95 Fiesta Get-Together

Wilma Cabacang sent me some of the pictures taken during their high school batch fiesta get-together cum irinum (he he). Of course, as the pictures revealed, some dropped dead drunk early in the day, but as always, everybody turns out alive again for the “sarayaw”.

Vargas Museum Activities

Below is the schedule of the other activities for the “Capul, Palingnga Kaw” photoethnographic exhibit at the UP Vargas Museum. These include a series of lectures, talks, discussion and fora on Capul's ethnography, history and language to be be held on the following dates: 2pm, 21 August 2007 (Tuesday) DOING FIELDWORK Prof. Francisco A. Datar, PhD (UP Anthropology Department) 2pm, 23 August 2007 (Thursday)TIME, COSMOLOGY, FOLK MEDICINE, PAIN & MIGRATION: SELECTED PAPERS ON CAPUL ETHNOGRAPHY U.P. Anthropology Field School 2006 2pm, 29 August 2007 (Wednesday) THE ANTHROPOLOGICAL LINGUISTICS OF INABAKNON Prof. Ricardo Nolasco, PhD (UP Linguistics Department / Chair, Komisyon ng Wikang Filipino) Prof. Francisco A. Datar, PhD (UP Anthropology Department) 1:30pm, 8 September 2007 (Saturday)LECTURE-WORKSHOP ON CAPUL DANCES 2pm, 12 September 2007 (Wednesday)CAPUL HISTORY &/DURING THE GALLEON TRADE 2pm, 22 September 2007 (Saturday)AN OPEN DISCUSSION ON THE DEVELOPMENT OF CAPU…

Bandal - Ortego Reunion

I still have to receive photos from those who went to Capul for the fiesta. Hey guys! Please share those pics with us.

Fortunately, I got some pictures taken by Dada Eugenia Cabacang during the Bandal-Ortego reunion, which is now traditionally being observed immediately after the town fiesta.

Those who were there surely had fun, as the photos would attest.