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Beach Clean-up and Tree Planting

We Abaknons have always been proud of Capul having a great coastline. Our beaches, we claim, are comparable to the country's best. That could actually be true, but admittedly, our judgment is clouded by lots of romanticism. Because the truth is, there is still much to be done to really make our beaches clean.

That's why it really was laudable that the Capul Pink Organization initiated a beach clean-up and tree-planting (talisay) last April 11. Such may seem to be a small step, but definitely towards the right direction. Hopefully, more of these activities will be launched, with more hands contributing to the effort.

A Grand Reunion in Reno

From the pics here posted, it's pretty clear these guys had a lot of fun. As expected, I should say. Sumiran pa ba agbaragat i mga Abaknon nga gae agribhong?

But this "baragat" was very special. Imagine how hectic their individual schedules were and how these were harmonized for this event. Some even came from afar. Darn! I should have been there (admin.)!

Were you able to name all those who were in the pictures? Many of them have been out of Capul for some time now, so it's ok if you didn't. Some of them surely look different from how you previously knew them.

According to Bernard Ortego (of course, everyone knows him :-)), those present were:

myrna manaog
juring galosmo
suzie castillo and her sister mana jessie,
putot and robert
mana mina
myrna cabacang
nida castillo
armie castillo and her husband
amy and delia (both from linongsuran)
emily manalo
mana lily castillo
lolet and her husband
linda magloyuan and her husband

(their maiden names were mentioned dahil dyan sila sik…

Medical Mission in Capul

A Medical Mission will be held on May 1 to 3, 2009, sponsored by the Capul Pink Organization (CPO) . The medical team will be headed by Dr. Ronald E. Cuyco of the Philippine Heart Center.

For those of you (or with friends and relatives living in Capul) who have medical problems, do coordinate with the municipal health officials for the details or contact Dr. Mansueto Cabacang, CPO founding President, at +63 9104386517.

And for those who have cash to spare, donations may be sent to RCBC-Rustan's Cubao account no. 1233-6923-59 in favor of Dr. Cabacang. Or contact any of the following officers of CPO:

internal vpres - alex castillo
xternal vpres - edwin montopar
secretary - aldous canapi
asst sec - danny magdaraog
treasurer - joel sauro
asst treas - manuel magdaraog
auditor - bhoy cabacang
bus. man - mhel baguipo & ignacio castillo
press relation officers - peter magdaraog & jed saluib
peace officers - judito banagbanag, johnny enecillo, allan de asis, mat catucod.

CPO Summer Dance Party

The Capul Pink Organization held a benefit dance at the Capul municipal plaza last April 5.

The proceeds were for the various projects that they have envisioned. Please check forthcoming posts for samplers.

Welcome to the Christian World, Abby!

Abby is the fourth child of Louie Andarino and Eden Salazar. She was baptized during the Black Saturday rites, coinciding with the "pagbunyag si api", which of course symbolizes welcoming new life. And instead of the usual baptisms where water is poured onto the baby's forehead, Abby's entire body was instead dipped into a makeshift pool, making the event very special.

The officiating priest was Fr. Anelito Cesista.

Kamahalan Pics & Stories, Anyone?

Ei! For those who went home for the observance of Holy Week, would you please send me pics and accounts of the activities? Arigato gozaimasu!

Thanks a Lot, Guys!

Mahaya gayud salamat!

Jeanra, you're next. He he.

"Aloha!" From Hawaii (c/o Ms. Eurie Ampuan - ODonell)

Hawaii is said to be a pacific paradise - a claim not so far from the truth. It is indeed such a great place, whose island atmosphere can only remind one of our beloved Capul. R-yo is here for a week-long visit, with Ms. Eurie Ampuan-ODonell and children as very amiable hosts.

The pics featured here were mostly taken during the whale watching cruise off the Honolulu harbor. The first one was during a dinner on Waikiki Avenue with Eurie's Samoan friend, Finao.

Judge Freddie Ampuan in Japan

Judge Freddie Ampuan arrived last April 1 for a short vacation in Japan. He has so far been to Kyoto and Osaka.

Yesterday, he had a day-long bus and ferry tour of Tokyo (courtesy of Ms. Delia Magdaraog).

And today, Abaknons in Tokyo had lunch with him at the Marriot Hotel. Present were Ms. Baby Tanabe (who came with a friend, Atty. Andarino, Delia Magdaraog and son Ken, and Majiela Hechanova-Umezawa.

(at the store where most Pinoys buy stuff from the Philippines)
(at the Imperial Palace grounds)

(at the Ginza subway)

(cherry blossoms watching at the Four Seasons Hotel)

(with the Japanese elevator girl at the observatory deck of the Tokyo Tower)

(while waiting for the tea ceremony at the Happo-en)

Presenting: Ignacio Bandal VI

A new Ignacio Bandal has been officially entered into the public records - and that is Ignacio Bandal VI, nicknamed "Nash". He's the son of Asyong (Ignacio V) and Marjorie.

He was born March 13, 2009 - same birthday as his Uncle Achong's (Ignacio III).