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H a p p y B i r t h d a y,
Engr. Ted Bascon!

Kunta maging malipayon I Pasko na ngan mainuswagon I Bahao Taon na si intero Abaknon si bug-os kalibutan.

Ms. Minda Caimol-Davis

One sweet lady I met during my recent US trip was Ms. Minda Caimol-Davis. She also resides in the Reno area and was actually able to join us one time for lunch. There we had fun engaging in nostalgia on Capul’s colorful past.

She’s been to so many places worldwide. One reason for this is her husband’s being the former President of Toastmasters International. But regardless of where she’d been, she says she still savors the good feeling of being in Capul.

That’s why she’s also coming back for next year’s town fiesta.

Commercial Break ...

These, I just have to post. Wala lang. :-)

Cholly "Taba" Castillo

Taba has been in Taipei for a considerable number of years now. And there’s no denying she’s enjoying life there.

She now speaks Mandarin like a native and her job has already brought her to other countries like Canada and the US. But like most Filipinos abroad, home for her is still Capul. That’s why she has made investments in some businesses that would tide her over when she returns.

Lorna Marzol-Romero

Here’s a pic of Ms. Lorna Marzol-Romero and her daughters Liezel and Yvonne. Her husband, Mike, took the shot, thus the absence.

And here’s their fabulous residence in Leemore, California.