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... for passing the November 2008 Nursing Examinations!

Best of luck!

(thanks to Jed for the report and the pics from his blog)

Faces, Faces

Due to the not- so-favorable weather last December in Capul, I was not able to hold the formal shoots I planned to have. What I did instead was just sit in the neighborhood corner or just have short walks - and shoot.

Let me post the first set of the pics of people my camera had random focus on:

Oyon Baguipo

He left a flourishing banking career for quieter family life in the province. But if you think of some rustic province, think again. It's actually a place where we all would love to stay in.

Oyon is now the Municipal Accountant of the town of Malay, Aklan. And if the town's name doesn't ring a bell, it is the town that hosts the famous Boracay Island! It is therefore one of the richest municipalities in the country.

But aside from his enviable job, his family too runs a very successful business - a tailoring shop for athletic uniforms. The job orders come without let-up the entire year (mostly from the Boracay resorts) and there is now need to expand. Their products are not just being patronized in Malay/Boracay, but the entire Aklan and some are even being shipped to Manila.

Despite his success, Oyon remains very humble and unassuming.

6th Capul Parish Youth Days

Dec. 22: I passed by the St. Ignatius Church and saw these youth having fun. Turned out it was a yearly event sponsored by the parish for the youngsters of Capul to bond while getting spiritual upliftment. And from the looks of it, the participants surely had a great time.

Roppongi Visit

Ms. Baby Pelito - Tanabe had some documents processed with the Philippine Embassy last week. This became an opportunity for a get-together in a plush Thai restaurant sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Akio Umezawa.

Incidentally, Majiela Hechanova-Umezawa celebrates her birthday on February. 7.

Engr. Nonilon "Nonong" Flores

One regular visitor of this site, "pag-ala si homesick" is Engr. Nonilon Flores, Nonong to most of us, but "Nonie" to others. :-)

He is now based in Qatar (since October 2008), as part of the construction team for four buildings in "The Pearl Qatar", a riviera-style man-made island in Doha.

"Our hometown is still the best place to spend a vacation", he claims. True to his word, he and his family went to Capul middle of last year. The pics here won't lie - he did enjoy his trip back home.

Not known for being sentimental, he does admit to being melancholic at times, more so after the routinary 7 am to 6 pm work sked. And respite comes when he sees the posts in this site, where he gets to reminisce memories of good old childhood days.