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Capul Featured in Cebu Pacific Mag

"Curious residents welcome you once you arrive on the shores of this island municipality. They speak Inabaknon, which is one of the Philippines’ remote and rare dialects. Just an hour’s ride from the town of Allen is Capul Island, once a favorite guidepost for seafarers. During the Spanish era, galleons stopped over here en route to Manila, their final destination. Ships voyaging to Acapulco, Mexico anchored in Capul (which is short for Acapulco) before proceeding on the last leg of their journey back."
The above quote was written in the June issue of Smile, Cebu Pacific's in-flight magazine. The article was about the islands of Northern Samar, aptly referred to as "fantasy islands".

Check the full article here.

Thanks to Peter Magdaraog for the info.

Flores de Mayo '09

For many Capuleno kids, summer vacations are not really full rest periods - they still go to class, not in schools but at the church. This is for the cathechism classes that are part of the Mayflower activities.

From late April onwards, kids go to church every afternoon, with college-age "manos and manas" as teachers. Each day ends with flower offerings to the Virgin Mary. Sundays are the most anticipated - that's when the barangay "turnos" are held. That meant free food and of course, "tuda sarayaw".

It's a good thing the observance of the Mayflower festival persists to this day in Capul. The pics here featured were during the Santacruzan, the final activity by the end of May. For sure, these will evoke beautiful memories from those who too walked the long procession around town in their sunday-best garments.

photos from Angelique Ablig

Back to School

It's mid-June. By this time, schools have opened and the students have already re-adjusted themselves to the rigors of academic life after the leisurely vacations.

For many of us, the most nostalgic period for our educational journey is our high school days. This being the time when we were no longer kids but not quite adults yet, this became a time for extreme fun, mindless experimentation, and yes, serious study. And listening at how others talk about their high schools, it seems pretty obvious that those of us who came from CAIS had much more excitement, much more life.

This post therefore is a tribute to Capul Agricultural and Industrial School - the school that nurtured and cultivated our dreams. Despite its modest and humble stature, it became an institution filled with seamless pride. The long list of its successful graduates, many of them even doing better than those coming from exclusive, highly financed and stellar schools, only proved that learning is the stuff of the min…

Summer Youth Sportsfest

The Capul Sangguniang Kabataan under the leadership of Ms. Angelique Ablig, spearheaded the holding of a summer sports festival for the fired-up Abaknon youth. The opening ceremony was held last May 9.

sports clinic before the actual games..

CAIS Performing Arts Group (CPAG)

Harold Pornelos and Angelique Ablig

.. the lovely muses... (mixed hehehe)

Tyaga Dancers

The awarding rites were held on May 31st. The following were the winners:

Mosquito division 1st- Brgy.5 2nd- Brgy.3 3rd- Brgy.4

Midget division 1st- Brgy.2 2nd- Brgy.3 3rd- Brgy.5
Junior Divission 1st- Brgy.3 2nd-Brgy. 2 3rd- Brgy.Oson
* The pics here were taken thru Angelique's celphone. If there are others who also have pics of the event, please send them in.

Baby James Bandal

Another Bandal is born, adding to the growing brood of grandchildren from the family tree of former Mayor Atty. Ignacio Bandal.
It's James Bandal, second child of Ace "Achong" and Lovely Bandal. He was born last 03 June 2009, 1032 AM at the The Royal North Shore Hospital, St. Leonards, New South Wales, Australia. More stats: Weight: 3350 grams. Height: 48 cm.I can see someone smiling from up there..

Lovella Ortega-Renn: A Dream Come True

Fairy tales can become real. That to the jaded could be a cliche', but to many Abaknons whose lives have changed a thousand folds, there can be no truer to the fact that there are no limits to fate's rewards.

That exactly is what happened to Lovella Ortega, "Love-love" to most of those who know her closely.

She recalls spending her childhood days in a modest home in Danao (see pic below).

It was there where her parents, Rodolfo Ortega and Melva Cabacang struggled to support a brood of six. Life then was hard. Luckily, she had her very kind Aunt Saling to support her education. But she did strive hard to prove herself in school and find a decent job afterwards.

Tucking-in a degree in Computer Engineering (Adamson University-2000), she first tried her luck with local employers but later on challenged herself to cross borders. In Singapore, she started as an IT Lab Engineer and later became Research Assistant. And as serendipity would have it, there she met her "knight…