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The Little Misses Go Marangga!

Kids ruled the pageant ramp in the recent Fiesta celebration - as they, instead of the ladies, were featured in a beauty and talent presentation. Dubbed as Little Miss Marangga 2012 (a kick-off from last year's Ms. Marangga), the little misses confidently faced an eager audience and passed through the same rituals as most beauty title holders would have in their younger years. 

The kids took the usual route: Talent Portion, Gown Competition and Interview. In the end, the following were proclaimed winners.

The winner however, was drawn by lots and the previous awards had no bearing in its determination. All it required was a stroke of luck, and the lucky girl was.....

LORDS Brothers Champions!

They swept the elimination round (6-0) but got a devastating first game loss in the finals against a determined Barangay 4 team.

Touted as the team to beat, a second loss would have meant a bridesmaid finish and a stinging humiliation.

But the team proved worthy of the high regard that was accorded them. First they made sure they get a chance to level the playing field by winning game 2.After that, the team poured its mighty strength to secure victory.

The final game became a virtual showcase of the team’s individual strengths. Deciding not to give its opponent another chance to pull a heist in the end game, they made the runs from the first whistle. In the first quarter, they were already ahead by 24 points. 
The hotshots of Brgy. 4 tried to claw back in spurts, but the efforts proved not enough. In the end, LORDS Brothers triumphed and became this Fiesta's Seniors Champions.
The players were:

Luis “Pungay” Magloyuan, Jr. Joery Cabacang Alejandro “Magna” Castillo Jero Tan
Carlo …

Purok 6 Rules CSC Seniors!

In a fashion that can only be termed as a monumental upset, Purok 6 grabbed the championship from the Islanders in the Seniors Division of the recently-concluded Capul Sunday Club basketball tournament.

Down by as much as 15 points from the opening tip-off to the start of the 4th quarter, the P*6 dribblers refused to surrender and took time to find that one kink in the armor of the young and determined Islanders.

Led by the ferocious Paul Diaz and sweet-shooting Erwin Hechanova, Purok 6 relentlessly attacked the defenses of the stunned Islanders. In the dying minutes of the game, much to the shock and awe of the crowd, P*6 found itself already ahead by six points. That was enough to seal their hold on the crown.

Congratulations, Purok Sais!!

Capul LGU Serenades for Tourism

With Capul now getting attention from tourists and national government officials (a landmarking of our historical sites is scheduled in July in time for the fiesta celebrations), it has become more imperative than ever that our tourist spots are restored, refurbished and maintained. That's why the Capul LGU took time to reach out to Abaknons and other possible donors and generate much needed resources.

And what better way is there to encourage support than by mesmerizing prospective donors with Abaknon songs?  With a language that is uniquely ours, it always tugs the heart when one gets to listen to the folksy but melancholic tunes that our forbears have passed on to us.

For who would not feel nostalgic when they hear the words "pagkahalap-halap si baybay-kalsada, i pang-ngagihan na si mga  dangkanda", or "ako ag-limot mo, si tangnga na si adda gugma mo"? These are timeless classics that will always be a part of the Capuleno repertoire.

For more of their music,…

U15 Kids Showcase Impressive Basketball Skills

The Abaknon Sports League recently held a basketball skills clinic in Capul followed by exhibition matches among player under 15 years old. Three teams went thru knock-out matches: Brgy. 5, Brgy 3&4 and the Manila-based selection.
The games turned out to be truly exciting – as the players wowed the crowd with skills far beyond their years. In fact, some of the players have already represented the province of Northern Samar in the EVRAA. That indeed was confirmation of the extra-ordinary talent that they have honed.

All three matches proved to be exciting and closely-fought but at the end of the skirmishes, the Manila-based basketeers showed superior talent and composure and emerged as winner. But that came in the face of a real scare from the straight-shooting gunners of Brgy. 3&4 who peppered the basket with flawless three-pointers.
If the level of skills displayed by the players were an indication of how much better they could become, then there is no doubt that they will foll…