Capul LGU Serenades for Tourism

With Capul now getting attention from tourists and national government officials (a landmarking of our historical sites is scheduled in July in time for the fiesta celebrations), it has become more imperative than ever that our tourist spots are restored, refurbished and maintained. That's why the Capul LGU took time to reach out to Abaknons and other possible donors and generate much needed resources.

And what better way is there to encourage support than by mesmerizing prospective donors with Abaknon songs?  With a language that is uniquely ours, it always tugs the heart when one gets to listen to the folksy but melancholic tunes that our forbears have passed on to us.

For who would not feel nostalgic when they hear the words "pagkahalap-halap si baybay-kalsada, i pang-ngagihan na si mga  dangkanda", or "ako ag-limot mo, si tangnga na si adda gugma mo"? These are timeless classics that will always be a part of the Capuleno repertoire.

For more of their music, do catch the haranistas sing their hearts out and feel proud being a true-blue Abaknon.


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