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Closing Activity: Capul Exhibit

We were at the University of the Philippines Vargas Museum last Saturday, Sept. 22, for the culminating activity of the “Capul, Palingnga Kaw?” photoethnographic exhibit.

As a final note to the exhibit, the organizers scheduled a forum on the development initiatives in Capul, and as ably steered by Dr. Kiko Datar, issues were indeed discussed. The topics ranged from cultivating pride on our being Capuleños, to livelihood projects and even improving the quality of education for Capuleño children.

We of course hope that the forum was able to jumpstart further discussions on matters that concern our hometown and that we will in the end be united by the common bind that ties us – our being Abaknons.

On attendance that afternoon were Ex-Mayor Veronica Castillo, Mr. Porfirio “Poping” Flores, Judge Freddie Ampuan, SB Member Marlon Mente, Ms. Josephine Leong, Mrs. Maring Ramirez, Mr. Edwin Montopar, Mana Forlu and many others.

Nostalgia Capuleña: Mayflower Festival

Folks, it’s again time to dust off some photos.

These were taken during the Mayflower Festival, the type that we used to know. This means the summers when all kids go to catechism classes, the young men engaged in basketball tournaments and the ladies go parading in the Santacruzan. At the end of May, there is always a highly anticipated dance and at times, there also were amateur singing contests.

That was before. I understand there’s nothing of that sort anymore.

That’s why we need to take a good look at those beautiful years and relish the memories. And to spice our recollection, how about some guessing game? Kas say ngani to si mga pictures to?

(photos courtesy of Kay Frazier)