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Pabariyo Ari Malpal

John Goss, a.k.a. John Pitt, has already sent me some of the photos he took while on vacation in Capul (I still expect more, John, he he).
I will start with the souvenir shots during their post-fiesta palayahay in my “kurubong” in Malpal. I am not sure if I know all the guests there, but of course, there’s Mr. & Mrs. Bernard & Mila Ortego, Mana Dolor Bascon, Mana Nory Alfaro and husband Dante and Toto Cabacang.

White Water Rafting at CDO

Here are some pics of adventurous Abaknons enjoying the now-famous rapids of Cagayan de Oro. On board are Alden Tepace and wife Aileen, Cellini Tepace , Nerissa Suan, Bonard Baguipo and Chad Blasquillo.

Kunta niya may daito Capul. :-)

Happy Birthday, Mayor Cascano!

Here's a toast to more happy and successful years!

(sorry for the blurred pic. i just cropped it from my file photos.)

Fiesta Images: Sarayaw

It rained the night of the town fiesta (vespera), but as full-blooded Abaknons, we never allow anything to spoil our fun. So despite the heavy downpour, the dancing continued – onstage!Here are some shots of the happenings that night. Thanks to Michelle Hilario-Jao.

More Fiesta Images: Parade 2

(photos sent by dindin and michelle jao)

Alvin Aguilar

This Abaknon hunk has been chosen as one of the finalists to the search for Mr. International Philippines 2008. This pageant is held to determine the country’s representative to the Mister International 2008 to be held in Taiwan on October 4, 2008. The final showdown is scheduled on Sep 1, 2008 at about 7:00 in the evening. The location: 360 Degrees Restaurant, A-Venue Mall, Makati Ave., Makati City. Alvin is a graduate of CAIS, Batch 2004. He is 21 years old, stands 5’11”. Please support him in whatever possible way.
(pics lifted from Men's Room)

Aldous' Birthday Bash

It seems that many Abaknons celebrated their natal days recently. Let me add to the roster that of Aldous Canapi -the pictures therein are posted below.

For the others, please don’t hesitate to send them to the administrator. Just seeing you all having fun is enough for many fellow Capulenos to feel just as happy.

New Look!

Thank you Jed for the beautiful header.

Ms. Eugenia Cabacang's Nth Birthday

Belated Happy Birthday!

A Truly Lucky Birthday

Imagine celebrating your 8th birthday on the 8th day of the 8th month of 2008. That makes four 8s! What could be luckier than that?

That birthday celebrator is the daughter of Ace (Achong) Bandal. Her name is Crystel Anne Lovea Bandal. They're now based in Melbourne, Australia.

Belated Happy Birthday Crystel!

Happy Birthday, Aljun!

Aljun just turned 22 last Saturday (he he. Please see the cake for the real age).

As usual, many of us were not invited. :-) But just the same, we wish him the best.
(Thanks Mylen for the pics. You are now Bandilyo's official paparazzi!)

Fiesta Images: Band Majorettes

I just grabbed this from Jed's site to cover our thirst for accounts on the fiesta. Awat may gad si ditangnga pictures!

Fiesta Images: Parade

(Pictures courtesy of Ms. Mylene "Ganda" Pelito.) Please click the smaller pictures to enlarge.