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The Ramirez Clan, et. al.

Kay sent this pictures to me. Some of them are old, thus the blur, but most of the faces are still recognizable. Pag hindi, guessing game na may kitam! I understand these pics were taken during a town fiesta.

Kuratsa Mayor

I’ve been asked many times to play the Kuratsa here but it was difficult finding one in the internet.

But look what I found from You Tube! While the dancers are both women, I guess it's enough to remind us, especially those now based outside of the country, of the fun that goes with the dancing of this traditional dance.

Just click "play".

Janzen-Masucol Nuptials

We were privileged to witness the confirmation of a union that has been there for almost a decade now. With all the stops cleared, the wedding was the only natural course, obvious as it is that the couple was meant for each other.

So after a considerable wait, the wedding between John Janzen and Mercy Masucol finally became reality. The rites were simple but the love was overflowing. The pictures will speak for themselves.

Many Capuleños were there, proof that John has embraced many of us as friends. I tell you, this guy is one of the respectable foreigners around. And after tying the knot with Mercy, he is now officially an Abaknon. Welcome aboard, John!

To Mr. & Mrs. Janzen, our congratulations and best wishes. Thank you for sharing your special event with us.May you be more blessed.

The Bascons

Is there any Capuleño who doesn't know the Bascons? I guess none. It seems to me that they are the most popular balikbayans of our island.And that's for a valid reason: these guys are great! Ask any one who've been to the US and they'll tell you just how accomodating and generous they are. And of course, when they're here, they too would always be the epitome of a perfect family. Kakainggit. :-)

After some prodding, I finally got these pics from Mana Dolor. And what do we have here? Don and Ryan are both married now. And Ryan’s got a kid already? Wow! Time must have really flown without me knowing. But why is it that Mano Ted did not seem to age? He he. And by the way, how about you Don? Wassup?

Mana Dolor, would you mind giving us updates on how things are doing with the family? Will be glad to post them here.

Blog Leave

Hey folks!

Your administrator will be out of commission in the next few days.

Medyo busy pa kay main pa mahalap gayud Nanay.

But please continue sending your messages and photos so I could feature them as soon as everything is settled.