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Judy Villanueva

Many of us know her as Judelia Villanueva, or Judy . She is now based in East Riffa, Kingdom of Bahrain, where she found her husband of 13 years. (She failed to mention her current surname)

She has three lovely kids: Abdulrazaq, Yousiff & Princess Mahhra.

Her message: Regards kas Mana Mercy B., Mana Mercy G., Mano Rustico, Lilian,Mame Ning2x, my batch , all teachers, relatives & all Abaknons.

(the kids)

(the husband)

Mayor Bandal's Wake

Mayor Bandal was laid to rest yesterday.

Unfortunately, we had to leave for Matnog early in the day, so we were not able to attend the final rites. I hope those who were there will be able to furnish me with pictures.

I was able to attend only the wake on Thursday (see pics below) and the last night which was held at the Municipal Hall (as usual however, I forgot my camera, thus the failure to document the event). Hundreds of people were there, including friends and relatives of the family from other towns.

Sad News

We have just received reports that Mayor Ignacio Bandal died yesterday.

His remains are now in Capul.

We send our deepest sympathies to his bereaved family.

Abaknons all over the world, let's all pray for the eternal repose of his soul.

EGM Anniversary

Here are some pics from the anniversary of the EGM (E Grupo Mo), more popularly known as the "Magdalo Group". This was held in Marikina last Feb. 17, 2008.

As always, when Abaknons meet, sararayaw pati karantahay, pakanalong!

(pics sent by Dolor Castillo)