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Delayed Post: Father Irinco's Welcome

(I thought these pics have been posted already. Palanat ta na gad hamok)
There is no doubt that Abaknons are a religious lot. Fact is, most of the communal activities we have are centered on religious beliefs. From bunyag to labbong, we never fail to give homage to the faith we were initiated into.
Congruently, we hold our religious leaders in high regard. The priests who were assigned to the St. Ignatius Parish have always been very welcome and they have been very influential in shaping not just religious norms but even social interaction.
Recently, a new Parish Priest was assigned to Capul - Fr. Toby Irinco. If only to prove the intensity of the people's excitement and devotion to the faith, allow us to show you these pics.

(The last pic shows the water spout, tornado if you please, that showed up while the welcome was underway - adding buzz to an already fired-up scene.)


Aivan Kier C. Salazar hurdled the recent Civil Engineering Licensure Examinations. A consistent honor student during his grade school and high school days (CAIS Batch 2005), Ivan once again proved the Abaknons' well-recognized academic competence. He graduated from the University of Eastern Philippines.
Congratulations are in order for his parents - Mr. & Mrs. Lito Salazar (nee Leonila Cula).
Job well done, Ivan!

A Tribute To The Departed

Better late than never.

Here are some pics taken during this year's commemoration of All Souls' Day in Capul.  As tradition dictated, people trooped to the cemetery to "spend time" with their departed loved ones - as masses and prayers were said for their eternal rest. At night, people continued communing with the dead, as they stayed in the cemetery until the wee hours of the night. And as always, unlike celebrations in other areas, no untoward incident was recorded.

Teenage Basketball: JP Cup

Regardless of what people say about basketball not being suited to Asian capabilities (as against the taller races) there's really no telling Filipinos from enjoying and mastering the game. That's why there are basketball courts, in whatever form, in all the nooks and crannies of the archipelago.

Capulenos of course are not exempted. Truth is, the passion for basketball seemed to have even increased among the current crop of youth.
To tap this continuing fascination with the game, Mr. Pepe Manaog decided to launch a basketball tournament for teenagers of Brgy. 2. Dubbed JP Cup, the energetic dribblers got the chance to show off their stuff and there's no denying that Capulenos are no push-overs among their peers. Featured here are pics during the championship game between the Blue and White teams.

Feast of del Rosario: Reception