Purok 6 Rules CSC Seniors!

In a fashion that can only be termed as a monumental upset, Purok 6 grabbed the championship from the Islanders in the Seniors Division of the recently-concluded Capul Sunday Club basketball tournament.

Down by as much as 15 points from the opening tip-off to the start of the 4th quarter, the P*6 dribblers refused to surrender and took time to find that one kink in the armor of the young and determined Islanders.

Led by the ferocious Paul Diaz and sweet-shooting Erwin Hechanova, Purok 6 relentlessly attacked the defenses of the stunned Islanders. In the dying minutes of the game, much to the shock and awe of the crowd, P*6 found itself already ahead by six points. That was enough to seal their hold on the crown.

Congratulations, Purok Sais!!


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