Bandilyo Abaknon Summer Essay Writing Contest

Attention Abaknon Writers:

Bandilyo Abaknon will be holding an Essay Writing contest open to all Abaknons of any age or profession. It may be written in English, Tagalog or Inabaknon.

The essays shall focus on anything Abaknon: the writer’s personal experiences in Capul or his being Abaknon, his/her impressions of its people, its customs and traditions and everything else of the same grain.

The essays must be original and must not have been published or submitted for publication elsewhere, in print or in the net. School essays will be accepted. There will no prescribed length, but the entries must be concise enough to meet the brevity requirements of a blog. It will be appreciated if pictures accompanying the entries will likewise be sent. Participants may adopt a pseudonym for publication purposes, but all entries must contain the name, age and other personal/professional details of the writer for the administrator's records.

Prizes will be given as follows:*

1st place – Php 3,000.00
2nd place – Php 2,000.00
3rd place – Php 1,000.00

Tokens will be given to the non-winning entries. A person may submit more than one entry but only one – the highest placing entry, will be considered for the top three ranking.

The essays shall be sent via e-mail to the administrator, who shall be given authority to make minor editing of the manuscripts. All worthy entries will be posted at the Bandilyo Abaknon website and will be subjected to judging by both the readers and a select group of judges (more details on this later).

Entries may be submitted any time until May 31, 2010.

Note: Should there be more than five accepted entries from the high school or elementary students, a separate category will be created.

* Prizes may still be increased depending on the generosity of sponsors.


  1. hmmm...m try nga po...

  2. mano alex main na gad kaw sito pwede kay beterano na may kaw... hhihihihihi

  3. jeanra: say ba beterano? gae pa may ako aallum ngan WWII. hahaha! di aniya na kunta pension ta. hahaha!

  4. Formal essay ba?

  5. not necessarily formal. it can be humorous, dramatic, or in whatever form it may need to get the message across.

  6. pero okey ba kung formal? halımbawa acad paper bout capul

  7. mano ı sent you today 2 entrıes for the abaknon essay.

  8. hello.saan po isa'submit?

  9. # academic papers would likely be too long for publication in a blog.

    # pls. send entries to

  10. how about highschool students who dont know yet how to send his/her essay? what i mean, students who dont have any e-mail address yet?

  11. no email add yet? create one. it's as easy as ABC. if it still proves to be too difficult, ask the help of anyone who knows how to send a file. if you're now in Capul, the municipal hall internet operators will surely be there to assist.

  12. Hi Mano R-yo, nice naman ang endeavor na ito, very encouraging to budding writers. I am happy that the young people from Capul are given an opportunity like this to showcase their writing prowess. I hope young Nortehanons from other towns are as fortunate. I remember, I think it was in 1989, an Australian-based organization working in Northern Samar gave an essay writing contest for young people and I participated in. I think it was one of the reasons why I pursued a career in writing.

    Abangan ko an sunod na kabanata ;) I am not from Capul pero excited liwat ako gihapon sini :) Good luck sa tanan nga mga participants!


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